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Y’all this just happened. They are helping me empty the k-cups into a bowl so we can put the coffee grounds into the compost and in our garden. Nathan thinks this helps the garden and compost. But then his happened. We decided to move this party outside where a mess is more acceptable. Hadley dropped … Continue reading

First Lake Trip

Nathan had off work all last week.  We didn’t tell anyone until a couple of weeks before because we didn’t want to plan anything and we didn’t really plan anything ourselves.  It was AMAZING.  We hung out at the house a lot.  We actually got things done around the house, hung out, did fun things … Continue reading

Chicken Update

We now have four chickens. Meet them. Alexandra and Eleanor are the older chickens (that we got first, read here) and they are best friends.  Alexandra is the most dominant one and Eleanor does not ever want to be away from Alexandra. We got Penelope and then Rosie last.  They are at least a month … Continue reading

Memorial Day at the Gentry Safari

This afternoon Nathan, the kids and I headed to the Gentry Drive Thru Safari.  It was a blast!  It was fun just hanging out with the four of us, doing something fun but we also got to see a ton of animals! I love my family and getting to do fun things together so this … Continue reading


I don’t give my kids Jell-O.  I mean what IS Jell-O anyways?  Well, on Thursday Noah was sick and the doctor said his throat hurt really bad so give him soft, smooth things like Jell-O.  So off to the store I went to buy Jell-O.  On Thursday Noah did not like the Jell-O.  He didn’t … Continue reading

Spring Break 2013:Telluride

Remember when we went to Telluride last August? Well, we loved it so much we thought we would head back over there for spring break to catch a glimpse of the snow and we were hoping to hit the slopes. Our spring break trip did not last long enough (but then again it did because … Continue reading

Adoption Update

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions regarding our adoption journey.  I thought I would give everyone a short update.  If you didn’t know we were even adopting then read this first and then read this.  You will be caught up. I will start in November; heartbroken.  Nathan and I, along with the … Continue reading

Princess Party

Hadley loves princesses, pink, jewelry and anything girly.  I did not form her to be this way she has grown this way and I love it.  Tonight we had a party with two of her friends.  It was a princess party.  I am not really sure where this idea came from, maybe just her love … Continue reading

Time Outs and Forward Rolls

Tonight was a fun night with the kids.  I love nights like tonight.  Nothing significant but just fun.  Well during dinner Hadley had a time out.  That isn’t normal but she would not leave her brother alone and neither of them were eating.  She was in time out and was not excited about having a … Continue reading

Child vs. Child: 15 Months

Noah turned 15 months old yesterday.  What a big boy right?  Ah, my heart if full of joy but breaking at the same time.  How can he already be 15 months?  I know every mom asks that at every stage.  How is my daughter already 3?  I mean it’s CRAZY.  Back to 15 months old … Continue reading