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Nana’s Pound Cake

When I married into the Bowers family I married into a family with a lot of great cooks.  When Nathan and I were dating his mom would cook for us probably four times (at least) a week.  For my first Christmas I got a cookbook that MaryJane (my fabulous mother-in-law) made of family recipes.  Both … Continue reading

Orange Ricotta Muffins

Recipe Boy is a blog I follow.  I follow his mom, Recipe Girl and I think its pretty neat her 11 (?) year old son has his own blog about food as well so I follow it.  It is fun to see such a young writer maneuver his way around a blog.  The other day … Continue reading

Cream Cheese Brownies

I guess I am on a brownie kick lately.  Who can blame me though?  Brownies are delicious.  After making these the other day, I thought I should make these cream cheese brownies.  I made them for my bible study tonight but you don’t really need a reason.  I guess that was more of an excuse. … Continue reading

Brownies with a little bit of Caramel

I made brownies this week.  Hadley and I had talked about making brownies for her teachers at school so on Tuesday she went to school and told her teachers we were making them brownies.  So now we had to make brownies for real.  Wednesday night Hadley and I set out to make brownies but since … Continue reading


For some reason last week I decided I wanted to make pretzels.  I don’t really know why, I don’t know the last time I had a pretzel.  I guess I just thought it would be fun.  So I made them today.  They are delicious.  I was impressed with myself.  I like being impressed with myself. … Continue reading

Blueberry Muffins

I made some blueberry muffins today.  They aren’t fancy but my family sure does love them.  They are yummy.  I don’t really make many recipes multiple times (because I love trying new recipes) but this one I have made over and over.  No need to look for a better recipe.  I made these during the … Continue reading


I made these yummy cookies last week. Right now we are in the middle of COOKIE SEASON…otherwise known as Christmas season. To someone who loves to bake though it means you can bake as many cookies as you and no one will judge you because everyone will eat them. Maybe it has something to with … Continue reading

Whole Wheat Pumpkin English Muffin Bread

Today I made my first baked good of the season with pumpkin and boy it was a GOOD one.  It was delicious.  It is called Whole Wheat Pumpking Spice English Muffin with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Butter.  That is a mouthful my friends. But it is worth saying because this stuff is delicious.  I got it … Continue reading