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Amelia Claire Bowers

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and was dilated to a 3.5 almost 4.  I personally did not think that was very much since you have to get to ten but my doctor said this baby is coming soon!  My mother-in-law watched the kids for my doctor’s appointment and decided to stay in town … Continue reading


Y’all this just happened. They are helping me empty the k-cups into a bowl so we can put the coffee grounds into the compost and in our garden. Nathan thinks this helps the garden and compost. But then his happened. We decided to move this party outside where a mess is more acceptable. Hadley dropped … Continue reading

Tulsa Trip 2013

Every year (for the last four years) we have gone to Tulsa for a bike race, the Tulsa Tough but we make it a family trip and spend the night there and have fun.  This year Nathan took off work Friday and we headed over Thursday night.  We had some much fun!  Sleeping was not … Continue reading

First Lake Trip

Nathan had off work all last week.  We didn’t tell anyone until a couple of weeks before because we didn’t want to plan anything and we didn’t really plan anything ourselves.  It was AMAZING.  We hung out at the house a lot.  We actually got things done around the house, hung out, did fun things … Continue reading

MOPS Playdate

This morning we had a MOPS playdate at my house.  It was fun and CRAZY!  Normally at a playdate only a couple of moms show up but this morning I think there might have been 10 moms with their kids at my house!  I think there was at least 17 kids.  It was a blast … Continue reading

Memorial Day at the Gentry Safari

This afternoon Nathan, the kids and I headed to the Gentry Drive Thru Safari.  It was a blast!  It was fun just hanging out with the four of us, doing something fun but we also got to see a ton of animals! I love my family and getting to do fun things together so this … Continue reading

Amazing Grace

Every night before Hadley goes to bed Nathan sings with her.  Here is one song they have been singing together.  Don’t pay any attention to my singing just the sweet voices. Beautiful right? Here is Noah attempting too.  Sorry he doesn’t have a shirt on, this was after strawberry picking and he wanted to eat … Continue reading

Hadley’s First Dance Recital

This is my 100th post!  I think Hadley’s first dance recital is totally worthy of my 100th post.  Today was her first dance recital.  She did AMAZING.  I may be bias but it is also the truth.  Other people (not related to me) told me.  🙂  She was so excited about her recital.  I knew … Continue reading

Cousin’s Night

Ever since Nathan and I moved to Fayetteville there has been something called Cousins Night.  When we moved to Fayetteville there were 7 cousins already living in Fayetteville.  We added two more (but as soon as we moved to town, one moved out…CLARE).  Cousins night is one of the most fun nights.  I love getting … Continue reading