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I don’t give my kids Jell-O.  I mean what IS Jell-O anyways?  Well, on Thursday Noah was sick and the doctor said his throat hurt really bad so give him soft, smooth things like Jell-O.  So off to the store I went to buy Jell-O.  On Thursday Noah did not like the Jell-O.  He didn’t … Continue reading

Nana’s Pound Cake

When I married into the Bowers family I married into a family with a lot of great cooks.  When Nathan and I were dating his mom would cook for us probably four times (at least) a week.  For my first Christmas I got a cookbook that MaryJane (my fabulous mother-in-law) made of family recipes.  Both … Continue reading

Orange Ricotta Muffins

Recipe Boy is a blog I follow.  I follow his mom, Recipe Girl and I think its pretty neat her 11 (?) year old son has his own blog about food as well so I follow it.  It is fun to see such a young writer maneuver his way around a blog.  The other day … Continue reading

Healthy Banana Bran Muffins

Our community group splits up kids and adults two out of the three times we meet in a month.  The kids go to a babysitter and the adults go to a nearby house.  It has worked out great most of the time.  One downfall is that we have to provide a meal for the kids … Continue reading


Recently, ok not that recently, Nathan’s cousin Emily asked me if I could show her how to make some naan.  I have never made naan before and I am not sure if I have ever even eaten naan before but I told her I would do it!  Nothing like a baking challenge right?  Well, it … Continue reading

What I Ate: Three Cheese Baked Penne

Tonight we ate some good, comforting pasta.  If you don’t live in Arkansas then let me tell you about the weather this week.  It is COLD.  It has been in the low 30’s but the “feels like” temperature is in the mid-twenties.  It doesn’t snow, the sun doesn’t come out, it’s just cold!   So … Continue reading

What I Ate: Meatloaf

Now I obviously did not plan these meals to be posted when I planned my meals.  I had thought about doing this series of posts for a while and after I grocery shopped I realized this week would be a good week to do it.  I don’t think most people admit to eating meatloaf.  I … Continue reading

What I Ate: Pizza

Tonight we ate pizza for dinner.  Hadley and I made pizza to be more exact.  I need to make pizza more often.  It is SUPER simple and extremely delicious.  I guess it isn’t always the healthiest but it isn’t that bad and again, easy and delicious. Let’s start in the morning.  This morning I made … Continue reading

What I Ate: Asian Lettuce Wraps

Hey Everyone, day two here of What I Ate.  Aren’t y’all excited?  I know you are!  This post is going to be short and sweet because I am TIRED (I realize it’s only 8:15). For breakfast I made a new pancake recipe from Pioneer Woman.  LOVE HER.  It is called Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes. … Continue reading