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Peaches are so hot right now.  Ok, that was nerdy but seriously I am LOVING peaches right now.  I hate to admit this but I have actually been buying a TON of peaches from Sam’s!  I know they aren’t organic or local.  I do know the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market is selling peaches now (or as … Continue reading

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Bars

I know that strawberry and rhubarb go together but last year I attempted to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie and it was AWFUL.  I mean NOT good at all.  When I fail miserably at something baking it can be hard for me to jump back on that horse (biscuits, I CONSTANTLY fail at biscuits).  After Nathan … Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Cupcakes

Last year I made cupcakes (that cake in cupcake form…delicious) for teacher appreciation week at Hadley’s preschool.  It was a huge success!  This year I got a call from another parent saying that some teachers requested I make cupcakes again for teacher appreciation week.  Wow!  I am honored and excited.  I had no idea what cupcakes … Continue reading

Nana’s Pound Cake

When I married into the Bowers family I married into a family with a lot of great cooks.  When Nathan and I were dating his mom would cook for us probably four times (at least) a week.  For my first Christmas I got a cookbook that MaryJane (my fabulous mother-in-law) made of family recipes.  Both … Continue reading

Orange Ricotta Muffins

Recipe Boy is a blog I follow.  I follow his mom, Recipe Girl and I think its pretty neat her 11 (?) year old son has his own blog about food as well so I follow it.  It is fun to see such a young writer maneuver his way around a blog.  The other day … Continue reading

Banana Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Can anyone really have too much banana and chocolate together?  I mean…its such a perfect pair!  I often forget about it but lately I have been all over it with these muffins and now this cake.  Remember a loooooooong time ago when I mentioned this cake book?  I said I would bake a lot of … Continue reading

Healthy Banana Bran Muffins

Our community group splits up kids and adults two out of the three times we meet in a month.  The kids go to a babysitter and the adults go to a nearby house.  It has worked out great most of the time.  One downfall is that we have to provide a meal for the kids … Continue reading


Recently, ok not that recently, Nathan’s cousin Emily asked me if I could show her how to make some naan.  I have never made naan before and I am not sure if I have ever even eaten naan before but I told her I would do it!  Nothing like a baking challenge right?  Well, it … Continue reading