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Amelia Claire Bowers

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and was dilated to a 3.5 almost 4.  I personally did not think that was very much since you have to get to ten but my doctor said this baby is coming soon!  My mother-in-law watched the kids for my doctor’s appointment and decided to stay in town … Continue reading

Adoption Update

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions regarding our adoption journey.  I thought I would give everyone a short update.  If you didn’t know we were even adopting then read this first and then read this.  You will be caught up. I will start in November; heartbroken.  Nathan and I, along with the … Continue reading

My Heart Is Broken

A couple of weeks ago I was in Texas celebrating my birthday with my friends and celebrating the fact that we finally got approved for the adoption process.  We were officially a “waiting family.”  (If you didn’t know we were adopting go here)  That was on Tuesday.  Friday night I am back at home in … Continue reading


Noah turned one today.  When Hadley turned one I was a-ok with it.  I cannot say the same with Noah.  My baby has grown WAAAAY to fast.  I need more time to cuddle, I need more sweet kisses, I need more rocking time.  I need more time.  I need it to slow down.  I love … Continue reading

A Day in the Life…

I recently saw another blogger write her daily schedule out for one of her blog posts.  I found it FASCINATING.  Maybe that is because I am weird but I always wonder what people do all day.  Especially other stay at home moms, since I can really relate to them.  But I think anyones schedule would … Continue reading

Summer Evening

Last night was a typical evening here at the Bowers house but it was a great one.  I love these summer nights.  This one in particular was great because Noah really found a love for the slide.  He has liked it before but not as much as last night. The afternoon started by playing with … Continue reading

Nap Time

Everyone loves nap time right?  I mean I love nap time, I am pretty sure my kids love nap time, college students love nap time, pregnant people love nap time.  EVERYONE.  Let me tell you about nap time in the Bowers family.  I love nap time for many reasons.  I love to take naps, but … Continue reading


This morning I did a happy dance.  I mean I was giddy as I walked away from the mailbox.  I put something important in the mailbox. You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much.  I know that really isn’t that abnormal but there is a reason.  I have been preoccupied.  I haven’t even … Continue reading


This past weekend we headed to Tulsa.  Nathan had a big bike race there, Tulsa Tough, which is a lot of fun because it is a whole festival.  We started the weekend though by heading to the Tulsa Zoo on Friday morning.  I am going to brag on myself for a bit, because I drove to … Continue reading

Hoe Down

This past year Hadley has been part of the preschool program at Fayetteville Athletic Club. She has LOVED it. I posted a picture of her class photo earlier this year on another post (here). Her class changed a lot since that photo but her and her BFF, Charlie stayed in the class. This past Thursday … Continue reading