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Welcome to the family Harper Rowe Bowers

We added a new family member to our family recently!  Harper Rowe Bowers.  We now have two adults, three kids, two dogs, three chickens, and a fish.  Wow, that is a family!  Well I know many people wondering about little Harper’s story and how she came to be part of our family.  I am so … Continue reading

Adoption Update

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions regarding our adoption journey.  I thought I would give everyone a short update.  If you didn’t know we were even adopting then read this first and then read this.  You will be caught up. I will start in November; heartbroken.  Nathan and I, along with the … Continue reading

My Heart Is Broken

A couple of weeks ago I was in Texas celebrating my birthday with my friends and celebrating the fact that we finally got approved for the adoption process.  We were officially a “waiting family.”  (If you didn’t know we were adopting go here)  That was on Tuesday.  Friday night I am back at home in … Continue reading


This morning I did a happy dance.  I mean I was giddy as I walked away from the mailbox.  I put something important in the mailbox. You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much.  I know that really isn’t that abnormal but there is a reason.  I have been preoccupied.  I haven’t even … Continue reading