“Gimme All the Children”

We are moving.  We are not leaving Fayetteville, we are actually moving less than a mile from our current house.  We are just leaving this fabulous house with these fabulous neighbors.  We are moving to a house with a swimming pool and with another bedroom.  I love to swim, my kids love to swim, I grew up with a pool and swam in it every day it was warm enough.  I see it as a good way to bring people together.  Who doesn’t love a good pool party??  I enjoy bringing people together.  I hope and pray the people who come into my home see Jesus’s love for us through my family.

A bedroom.  I tried to convince myself that we don’t need another bedroom.  I love our current house.  I love where it is, I love our neighbors, I love the floor plan but I kept feeling this huge that we should have another bedroom.  And fill it with people. Not stuff.  I felt this urge that we are called to have someone live with us, stay with us, that we should be available.  Right now we don’t know what that looks like exactly.  We have ideas, we have put in motion some ideas, other things may arise.  We know we want to follow God’s leading and right now that is all we can do.  I have my own ideas, my own ways but I am trying to be faithful in what God is calling us to do.

As we prepare to move I’ve had ideas on how to fill our house, our bedrooms.  Nathan is good at keeping me grounded and realistic.  If you know me well you know I have a huge heart for kids.  I love kids, not just mine but I love others.  I think God designed me to love other kids.  Twice this weekend I had a conversation with someone where in the conversation I said “gimme all the children” and the other person laughed.  But it is true, I have told Nathan recently I want to have teenagers live with us, I want to have a foreign exchange student live with us, and I want to adopt a Syrian child.  Nathan just laughs but he puts up with my grand love for the small.  He feels the need to help too.  He loves kids as well.

Anyway.  We are moving.  You will have to update your Christmas card list but it is going to be fabulous.  God has made this happen and I truly believe this is a blessing that God created for us.  The way it has all happened.  Come visit us!!!!!


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