The Wedge

Does anyone ever feel a wedge in their marriage?  I am sure most people do every once in awhile.  Luckily, for Nathan and I, I don’t feel it very often.  A couple of weeks ago, on a Monday, Nathan had a horrible day.  Ya know, the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day kind.  He was trying to tell me about it on the phone but I was preoccupied with the kids and barely heard anything he said.  Then when we showed up at home I had totally forgot about it and he didn’t mention it again that day.  My bad.  Monday night goes and here comes Tuesday.  Tuesday was my turn.  It was AWFUL.  Nothing went right (even though really some things did) but that is how I felt.  When I tried to tell Nathan about it he really wasn’t receptive.  I was frustrated with him but then I remembered- didn’t he have a bad day yesterday?  Did I show any interest in that? Nope.  THE WEDGE was placed.  Here is Satan doing his thang.  Now, I think I/we have two choices.  To move on and just be semi frustrated at each other or take charge and take care of our marriage.  Our marriage certainly was not on the brink of divorce or anywhere near that but this is where I feel like it starts.  Two people, more self indulged in their own pity party to care about the person they are committed to love forever and ever.  I chose to take charge of our marriage so on Wednesday I went up to his school and asked if we could go on a date on Thursday.  Texted one of our favorite babysitters and was shocked she was free (so this must have been a God thing because that never happens with her, she is good and other people know it).  Thursday we went to dinner and just talked.  Talked about our bad days, talked about our days since, talked about our kids, talked about other kids, plans, anything really.  But mainly we reconnected.  It was good for us. Good for our marriage. I do love this man.



Don’t mind the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle going on.  

(So if I am being honest let me tell you about this picture.  We took this picture at the Razorback game on Saturday.  The Razorbacks weren’t actually playing.  I did not like my hair in this picture and wanted to take another.  Nathan’s response was “do you know just what happened in the game?  I am not taking another picture the razorbacks just fumbled!”  That did make me upset because they still weren’t playing football at the moment and its going to be a fake smile anyway so I wanted the picture taken.  He offered to take another picture 30 minutes later but I was over it.  I saw]y all this because I am writing about our marriage and being honest and I feel like I can’t post this picture without sharing this, otherwise it would be a lie.  Also, our marriage isn’t perfect but I still would not chose another person to do life with, even if he is obsessed with those Hogs.  )



2 thoughts on “The Wedge

  1. I like that you mentioned that you had to tell us the story behind the picture because if you didn’t, it would be a lie. In counseling, the concept of behaving in a manner that is truly consistent with what you feel is called congruence. In my personal view, congruence in character and behavior is a sign of being deeply authentic and it is ALWAYS appreciated. thank you for sharing 🙂

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