Pictures Lie

The other day I posted these pictures on Instagram.

They are cute, right?  We look happy right?  Well the people in the pictures were happy at the exact moment these pictures were taken.  These were taken around 9am.  Let me tell you about our morning beyond these two pictures.


This was Amelia MOST of the morning (9am people, 9am.)  I am not sure what was going on with her but she cried most of the morning.  She is demanding and loud.  Harper decided she didn’t need to use any words this morning so she just screeched or screamed if she was upset or needed something.  Her scream is soo high pitched, thats why I call it a screech.  Those two combined and this mama was praying for some earplugs!  Luckily Noah was happy playing most of the time (except when he HAD to do a firetruck craft because he did not want to do a penguin craft, which was ok by me- not with Amelia).

Luckily soon after that we got clothes on (which is usually a struggle), brushed teeth and hair and headed to Gymnastic Joes to meet some friends.  Then this happened


Then my heart melted.

It was FREEZING outside so I didn’t want to mess with the double stroller so Noah was a great big brother and helper and held these ladies hands to walk into the mall.  Isn’t he great?  He looks so happy, right?  He is going to be quiet the catch one day fellow four year old ladies 😉

All in all the morning turned out alright.  I want to be transparent, I don’t want people to think I have my life mapped out beautifully, I don’t want you to think I have it together, I want you to know I lose my patience, my kids whine and throw fits, but they are also amazing and I love them.

One last picture to end on:


I really didn’t care at all about the catalog of junk she was displaying but her sweet face is what I needed to remember.  Kindergarten is STILL hard on this mama.  I still miss her, some days are worse than others.  But I am thankful she is where she is.  Nothing about this picture is lying.


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