Last year, as I had mentioned in my last post, I had a goal to start reading more.  I LOVED it.  My Goodreads goal was to read 20 books in a year and I think I finished at 27.  Some of them I actually read and some I listened to on audio.  Now let me say about audio books.  They used to not be my thing but now when I am running, prepping dinner during nap time, folding laundry- it has become my thing.  I enjoy listening during those times.  Sometimes, depending on the book it is even motivation to go running. Which is nice. 🙂 Back to books.  I read a lot of pretty popular books last year and some not so popular but what was available at the library to listen to.  My favorite books were The Book Thief (probably number one favorite), A Long Walk to the Water, and Calling Me Home.  I read some other books that were good but these probably stuck out the most.  I recommend all of them!

This year I set a Goodreads goal of 20 books again.  Some of the books I have that I want to read are All the Light We Cannot See (currently listening to), Yellow Crocus (currently reading), The Nightingale, The Invention of Wings (my mother in law highly recommended this book), Seven (by the famous For the Love, Jen Hatmaker), and a few more I have in my stack by my bed.

I love to talk books so lets talk if you are a reader.  Let me hear what you are reading these days people?  Become my friend on Goodreads.  What do you recommend?


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