New Years Resolutions

Quick Post here (been trying to write this for awhile and I can’t wait until the end of Jan.)

I have a couple New Years Resolutions.  I don’t strive too high, just attainable for me.  Here they are:

  1. I logged 179 miles on Map My Run this past year.  That isn’t quiet as much as I would like.  For someone who would like to be able to run half marathons, running three miles on average a week isn’t going to happen.  I must pump that number up and actually run a half marathon.  I have two in mind, not that I want to do both but one in the spring and one in the fall.  If I can’t get it together before the spring then the fall will be the winner.
  2. Shutterfly. This past year my resolution was to read more.  Well I did that and LOVED really diving into books again.  I missed reading.  The bad part about it though was that I quit working on my  Shutterfly books and that is how I keep up with memories in my family.  So resolution number 2 is to work on more Shutterfly books and read a tad bit less (my heart is breaking a little as I type that).  I need to become addicted to a new drama show I think so I can want to sit at night in front of the tv instead of escape to my bedroom. Suggestions??
    1. I do plan on reading still this year, maybe I will do a book post soon.
  3. Pray with Nathan DAILY.  We used to do this and some time in the mix of four kids (I think it was somewhere after Noah) we stopped doing it every night.  We still do pray often but not daily.  I think this  is so important for us to do as a married couple.  I have heard it is huge for your marriage.  So it is simple and the reasons we haven’t done it regularly is just laziness, pure laziness.  My marriage is worth more to me than that, so we can do it!

Also, a fun resolution but not a real one is to use more BITMOJI!  ha, anyone else out there use it?  🙂




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