About a month ago I was celebrating two of my favorite people ever.  My brother and his new wife, Kate.  She is fabulous, they both are.  While at their wedding I was talking to some old high school friends who mentioned my blog and how they liked reading it.  Well ladies, this is for you! Y’all motivated me (for the moment), thank you!

Here is an update on my family.  Since it is Christmas time and I haven’t blogged in awhile I thought this would be a good place to start.


Nathan:  He is in a non traditional program earning his teaching certification.  This year he is teaching at Owl Creek Elementary School as a fourth grader teacher.  It is a big change for us but he is really enjoying it.  Neither of us were used to the LOOOONG days but we are getting more used to it, and some of the days aren’t quiet as long.  He is still riding his bike when he can but between work and family, right now he is not getting on it as much as he wishes.  We are working on fixing that.

Me: I stay at home and wrangle kids all day.  I love it and wouldn’t change it ever. I do not get to bake near as much as I used to (so don’t expect any baking recipes on here anytime soon) but I am doing some.  I still love it but I usually find something a little more beneficial to the family to do instead of baking (i.e. LAUNDRY, LAUNDRY, LAUNDRY).  This past year I set out to read.  I made a goal in January to read at least 20 books in 2015.  I accomplished that and more.  I really do love reading.  Some of them are audiobooks and some are not.  Either way, I enjoy it.  I am running some when I can.  I wish I did it more.


Hadley: She is SIX.  SIX people.  Ugh.  (I have a harder time believing Amelia is 19 months, but we will talk about that later).  Hadley started kindergarten this year and LOOOVES it.  She hasn’t looked back to her preschool days once.  She is doing great also.  Reading like a champ, becoming an amazing mathematician, writing all sorts of things and learning to love different people.  She has an amazing heart and that is probably my favorite characteristic about her.  She LOVES deeply.  She is in art right now and really enjoys it.  She is learning to sew and explore her creativity more.


Noah:  Oh my goodness he is blowing my socks off lately.  I enjoy him so much.  He is just turning into a pretty awesome boy.  He loves to build things, figure out how things work, space, his sisters, CUDDLES, ahh his cuddles are the best.  He is really liking space lately but he does not want to be an astronaut.  Guess what he wants to be when he grows up?  A DAD. A dad of SIX kids.  Heart melts.  He loves playing with his friends, he loves his daddy, he still loves his thumb but we are trying to work on that sometimes.  He has seen Hadley learn to read and write this year and WOW he is motivated to do the same.  He knows all his letters and can write them all, he can count to like 40.  Last year- he didn’t care about any of that.


Harper:  This girl is crazy.  I love her.  She will be 2.5 in February.  She loves to sing and loves to dance.  She is always dancing either to the music playing or to the music in her head.  She is a happy girl- especially if she is being held.  Sometimes when other people are around she forgets her legs work and ONLY wants to be held.  Luckily for me she knows that just isn’t possible.  I cannot wait to see what this girl will be like in a couple of years, she seems like she could be great at soo many different things, things I know nothing about- like music.  I have a feeling education will not be a high priority for her, but who knows I could be wrong.  She has a smile that will light up any room and brighten anyone’s day.  And her giggles, they are out of this world.  Right now, she hangs at home with me most days.  No preschool or anything for her yet and we are enjoying it.


Amelia: Oh my goodness, MY BABY is 19 months old.  Wait- maybe she is 20 months old.  WOW, how could that be!  For the past 7 years I have been either taking care of a baby or waiting for a baby.  This is a NEW stage for me to not have that.  I am ok with it except for the face that my BABY is becoming a toddler.  She talks, she walks, she has a personality, she feeds herself, she just isn’t a baby and even though she is so much more fun now than she was when she was a baby it is still sometimes hard.  Amelia has a blanket she loves, it is turning brown.  She has a pacifier I fear taking away.  I really think Ms. Millie would thrive as an only child but for some reason God thought my fourth child needed to be my most “spirited” child.  Wowzers, she will let you know what she wants.  She is a lot of fun though.  And she loves her mama.


Thats our family right now!


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