A New Post

Today I decided I was going to write a blog post tonight.  I had some thoughts that I wanted to share and so I thought it was time to write a blog post and share.  Well now, that I am sitting down, ready to share, the words I want to say aren’t quiet forming in my head clearly enough.  I thought I had them in my head earlier but they are gone now.  I wanted to share about how amazing it is that God has equipped me to be a mom of four little kids.  How I know He chose me specifically for this job.  And not just to take care of the four little guys but also to do their (our) laundry, clean their (our) house, cook their (our) food, pay the bills, feed the dogs, blah blah blah.  But instead of sharing more about all that (maybe I will in the future when it becomes more clear in my head but my guess is I am going to go to sleep tonight and the thought will unfortunately go fleeting) I am going to share about Oreos and milk.  And some cute pictures.  Today I introduced Hadley and Noah to cookies and milk.  Nathan is gone and so I said it was a special treat.  We RARELY have Oreos in the house but when we do they usually go fast.  I usually buy them for some baking reason, like now I bought some for Noah’s birthday cake.  Anyways, when I worked at Kanakuk one thing we did there was have Coach’s Meetings (I think that is what it was called, maybe not though).  And at it changed while I worked there but at one point it was for the staff to have cookies and milk after the kids went to bed.  I mean.  YUM.  That is when I truly remember falling in love with Oreos and milk.  Hadley and Noah were big fans too.

DSC03833 DSC03834 DSC03835 DSC03839 DSC03841

They were big fans.  Loving the chocolate bits left in the milk.  Cookies!  Processed cookies! Special treat.  Love them.

I also took some really cute pictures of my babies today.  Amelia can be a tough baby sometime but looking at these pictures, you would never know!

DSC03842 DSC03843 DSC03844 DSC03848

I kept missing Harper’s nose scrunch cute smile but she is still cute.  Don’t mind the redness around her mouth- I know it’s there.


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