Long time no see. I know. I realized lately I miss blogging. I really don’t have (don’t make) the time to blog. Right now I need to be making a grocery list for my trip to the store tomorrow, or I need to be canning tomatoes because we have an abundance but instead I am blogging.

Today I pulled out a dress of Hadley’s when she was a baby for Amelia to wear. It isn’t a fancy dress, just a purple polo dress but the dress has so many memories attached to it. I almost teared up as I was putting it on Amelia. (It is a warm weather dress so Harper missed it.)

This purple dress is what Hadley wore to her first playdate ever. I used to be part of a playgroup, NWA Playgroup. I joined it when she was a few weeks old but didn’t really do anything until this playdate. It was at a lady’s house I did not know. I did not know anyone who was going to attend but since Hadley and I only went to the gym and Target, I thought it was a good time to make friends since she was almost 6 months old. Little did I know that when I went to this playdate I would make some of my best friends over the next couple of years. From this playdate on a group of us met almost weekly for the next year and half. They were Hadley’s best friends and some of mine too. Most of these mom’s went back to work after a couple of years and I miss them dearly. They meant so much to me in that desperate time of need!

I couldn’t find a picture of the playdate, even though I know I have some in Hadley’s picture books. I am not sure, when the time comes, to get rid of clothes I will be able to get rid of this dress. The memories.


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