Amelia Claire Bowers

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and was dilated to a 3.5 almost 4.  I personally did not think that was very much since you have to get to ten but my doctor said this baby is coming soon!  My mother-in-law watched the kids for my doctor’s appointment and decided to stay in town in case I have a baby.  This was less than a week before my due date.  No baby came on Wednesday even though I did have contractions and was VERY uncomfortable.  I woke up Thursday and I felt “great.”  I mean how great are you really going to feel when you are taking care of three little kids while being 39 weeks pregnant?  Anyways, no contractions and comfortable for the most part.  I felt like this all day.  Thursday afternoon we were playing outside with all of our neighbors.  I love all of our neighbors and how all the other kids are starting to get older.  Here are two pictures from that afternoon.

5 in one car!  Porter is the main driver on the street!

5 in one car! Porter is the main driver on the street!

Can't forget this beautiful nugget.  Too small for the car.

Can’t forget this beautiful nugget. Too small for the car.

We were all having fun.  That night we had plans to eat dinner at one of our neighbors house.  I remember when we were fixing our plates I told Nathan quietly that I had had three stronger contractions but that they weren’t frequent and it was only three.  We went through dinner and these contractions were stronger than any I had felt previously but I still wasn’t 100% convinced.  I tried to hide the contractions from my neighbors and kids (Bethany, did you know? 😉 )  After dinner we came home and put the kids to bed.  Nathan had been asking me if I had timed the contractions yet but I said no- I had been busy keeping up with three kids!  So we sat on the couch to watch tv, me, Nathan and my mother-in-law.  I didn’t hide the contractions now.  They weren’t awful but they definitely caught my breath.  I was timing them but they weren’t consistent and ran from 8 to 12 minutes apart.  Eventually we all went to bed but had a feeling tonight was the night.  I would say contractions started around 6:30, this was around 9:30.  We all went to bed, but I stayed up to keep track of the contractions.  (Warning this may be TMI:) At one point I went to the bathroom and blood was in the toilet when I was done.  I decided then it was time to go to the hospital.  Again, not because the contractions were super close, regular, or horribly bad but because of the blood.  So we went.  The contractions did get closer on our drive to the hospital.  When we got there and I was checked to make sure I was actually in labor, the nurses found out I was!  I was dilated to an 8 and I immediately got transferred to a room.  We arrived at the hospital at probably 11:30-11:45pm.  By 12:15 Amelia Claire Bowers had arrived.  She weighed 7 lbs and 11 oz.  She was 20 inches long.  She has the most perfect, round, cheeks that I love.

I had her naturally.  I wanted to have Noah naturally but then I basically chickened out.  I was more determined this time and I had Nathan on my side.  (Not that he wasn’t with Noah, it just didn’t matter to him.  I made it more about myself than about us.)  Boy, natural delivery hurt!  And if anyone says it doesn’t they have to be lying.  I think I had a pretty good labor and quick delivery but it still was painful.  I am glad I did it though.  My recovery from a natural birth was MUCH slower than when I had an epidural.  A lot of people said it would be opposite but that was not true for me.  I couldn’t hold any of my babies except Amelia for a couple of days, which was really hard for Harper and Noah.  I couldn’t drive for a couple of weeks.  I could barely walk the first few days.  Luckily now I am pretty much recovered from the giving birth process.  Now just getting used to being a family of 6!

DSC03301 IMG_9145 IMG_9149 IMG_9153 IMG_9157 This last picture is our first picture of all six of us.  My mother-in-law stayed with the kids all night and got them up and dressed the next morning so they could come see me, Nathan and meet Amelia!  I was so happy to see them but was still sore and tired so it was hard.  I love this picture though and love my family.


2 thoughts on “Amelia Claire Bowers

  1. is your mother by any chance Claire Bowers? I am trying to find here – we were very good friends in Tallahassee but have lost track of one another

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