A lot has happened since I last updated my blog.  I haven’t updated this thing since right after we adopted Harper.  She is 7 and a half months now.  I may not update it again for awhile because life is busy and about to get busier.  

A month after we adopted Harper we found out we were almost 10 weeks pregnant.  We were a little preoccupied with a newborn and we were not trying to have another baby so it took us a bit to figure it out.  We were not one of those couples who adopt because we didn’t think we could have anymore kids.  We knew we could have more kids but wanted to adopt.  We were SCARED.  I cried.  A lot.  BUT God is good.  It took me awhile but I am SO excited to meet this little girl we have been blessed with.  I know God’s plan is perfect and I love that about Him, whether I fully understand it or not.  Now I am 37 weeks pregnant and we are expecting a little girl named Amelia Claire Bowers anytime now.  I am ready to meet her and ready to be done being pregnant but not quiet ready to have four kids.  Luckily I already have three AMAZING kids and support around us.  I know there will be hard times but I also know somehow we will make it through.  Here is an update on the rest of the family.  

Nathan, he put on his first bike race last weekend with a friend and support from his bike team.  Bike season is in full force right now and it is making me go crazy!  I am glad he loves it but it is hard when I am huge pregnant taking care of three kids.  Nathan is very understanding though and skips some bike stuff to help me out.  I am thankful for him.  He is a great dad, great husband.  Just yesterday we were talking about how our lives have changed in the past 8 years (our anniversary is next month) and it is incredible how much we have grown in every way.  I love him so much.  He is busy in the backyard and taking control of the garden this year.  He already has some stuff planted and hopes to plant more this week.

Hadley, she is almost 4.5.  CRAZY.  My baby!  My first baby at least.  She is beautiful and has an AMAZING heart.  Her love is overflowing (usually :)).  She is a little mama and loves to help around the house.  She loves to try to comfort her smaller siblings when they are upset, she loves to help me in the kitchen or vacuuming the rooms.  I do not know how I got so lucky to have a daughter like her but I am fully aware how amazing she is.  She is in dance this year again and is enjoying it.  She loves playing with dress-up, make-up, all things girly.  She loves crafts, books, and of course, Frozen.  

Noah, he is almost 2.5 and fully boy.  He loves basketball, the Razorbacks, trains, and anything outside.  If his daddy goes outside without him he is usually at the door very upset- wanting to go out with him.  He is my snuggler and I can’t snuggle him enough.  He is so cuddly.  I love it.  I just want to hold him.  I can’t believe just a few months ago he really was the baby of the family and now he is about to be the second oldest.  He is learning to talk up a storm and is not shy to talk to others.  So different than his older sister.  I enjoy seeing their differences.  His best friend is Hadley though, they are two peas in a pod and play all day together.  

Harper, 7.5 months is a mover.  I don’t know if she technically crawls or scoots but she is getting around.  I love seeing her head peep around the corner of the couch when I am in the kitchen and she is in the living room.  I love hearing her sweet voice babble.  It is soft and sweet.  She is eating and most of the time a good eater.  She is a good sleeper as long as she has her pacifier close by.  Sometimes she just needs to hold it but whether she is sucking it or holding it, she needs it.  She is small for her age, which is different than Hadley and Noah.  She is still in 3-6 month clothes, still hasn’t broken 15 lbs even.  She is probably one of the best babies you have ever met.  She is so laid back, it is amazing.  That I know is a blessing from God.  He knew he had to give us such a good baby when I am pregnant.  I just hope Amelia Claire learns from Harper and is equally as good, if that is even possible.  

Me, well I don’t know how much “me” things I am getting to do that I normally enjoy but thats ok.  I am not baking as much as I used to but I know I will have time for that one day.  I do get some in every once in awhile.  I haven’t ran really at all since we got Harper which I miss a ton.  I am really looking forward to that.  We are busy with our community group and trying to grow those relationships which has been fun but now I am trying to get in prepare-for-baby mode.  This week I plan to put some food away in the freezer and hopefully get the little girl clothes out and onto some shelves.  Also, I just want to enjoy these days with my kids, with my family of 5 before we add another one.  As I said earlier I am excited to meet Amelia Claire but as all new things/babies do, they change the dynamics of a family and I want to enjoy this right now, while I can.  I am also REALLY looking forward to summer.  Going outside, no cold weather, it just sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  

Well I think that will conclude this post.  I am sorry there are no pictures, I post pictures all the time on Instagram and sometimes on Facebook so just check those.  If you are lucky maybe you will get a post when Amelia Claire is born but don’t hold your breath.  I will have four kids, four and under.  🙂 


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