Peaches are so hot right now.  Ok, that was nerdy but seriously I am LOVING peaches right now.  I hate to admit this but I have actually been buying a TON of peaches from Sam’s!  I know they aren’t organic or local.  I do know the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market is selling peaches now (or as been lately) and I have bought some from them but I am not going to lie, the ones from Sam’s are huge and delicious.  Now this summer I have been busy.  I am taking FULL advantage of playing with the kids as much as I can so I am not going to type out all of these recipes but I will share with you links.  I didn’t stray from the recipes anyways.  The two recipes I have made so far are delicious and I suggest you make them right away.

On Sunday I made this peach crisp with maple cream from The Pioneer Woman.  This is soo good.  Especially the maple cream sauce.  This recipe is in her cookbook and in her cookbook it says to drink the maple cream sauce with a straw.  I haven’t yet but I may.  SOO GOOD.  I made this for our community group and it was almost all gone when we left (I don’t know why it wasn’t all gone) but I decided just to eat more since there was some left.  No big deal.

Monday the kids helped me make peach scones from Joy the Baker.  Now I haven’t had great luck with scones before.  They just seem kind of plain to me.  I was willing to try them again though.  You need to just go look at these beauties.  I did peel the peach before putting it into the scone but that was really because I just noticed her skin on her peaches.  Whoops.  Either way I am sure delicious.  These were soo good.  I LOVE the bites with peaches in them.  And when the kids aren’t around, I take some of that left over maple cream sauce and pour in on the scone.  HEAVENLY.

I made this peach ice cream today from Brown Eyed Baker. I only tried it a tiny bit today but tomorrow we are going to eat it with some friends.  When I tasted it today it tasted great.  I love how she used the peach juices in the ice cream separate from the peaches.  I am pretty sure it is going to be great.  There are a lot of peaches in that ice cream.

Later this week I am going to make a blackberry peach pie from Bobby Flay for a baby shower I am helping throw.  I am making three pies and this is one of them.  I can’t wait.  This pie I am most excited about out of all three I am making.  Bobby Flay is causing me a little bit of a problem because he uses two kinds of liquors that I don’t own and not sure I want to spend money on them for 2 tablespoons but we will see what happens.  I am exited about this pie though and  I know it will be delicious.  I posted a picture of the scones and the crisp on my instagram and I will make sure I post a picture of this pie too.

Go out and cook with some peaches!  There have definitely been a lot of peaches consumed au naturel (say it like you mean it).  But if you don’t bake with peaches just go out enjoy the freshness of the season and eat some fresh peaches!!!


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