Posted in June 2013


Y’all this just happened. They are helping me empty the k-cups into a bowl so we can put the coffee grounds into the compost and in our garden. Nathan thinks this helps the garden and compost. But then his happened. We decided to move this party outside where a mess is more acceptable. Hadley dropped … Continue reading

Tulsa Trip 2013

Every year (for the last four years) we have gone to Tulsa for a bike race, the Tulsa Tough but we make it a family trip and spend the night there and have fun.  This year Nathan took off work Friday and we headed over Thursday night.  We had some much fun!  Sleeping was not … Continue reading

First Lake Trip

Nathan had off work all last week.  We didn’t tell anyone until a couple of weeks before because we didn’t want to plan anything and we didn’t really plan anything ourselves.  It was AMAZING.  We hung out at the house a lot.  We actually got things done around the house, hung out, did fun things … Continue reading

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Bars

I know that strawberry and rhubarb go together but last year I attempted to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie and it was AWFUL.  I mean NOT good at all.  When I fail miserably at something baking it can be hard for me to jump back on that horse (biscuits, I CONSTANTLY fail at biscuits).  After Nathan … Continue reading

MOPS Playdate

This morning we had a MOPS playdate at my house.  It was fun and CRAZY!  Normally at a playdate only a couple of moms show up but this morning I think there might have been 10 moms with their kids at my house!  I think there was at least 17 kids.  It was a blast … Continue reading