Memorial Day at the Gentry Safari

This afternoon Nathan, the kids and I headed to the Gentry Drive Thru Safari.  It was a blast!  It was fun just hanging out with the four of us, doing something fun but we also got to see a ton of animals! I love my family and getting to do fun things together so this was a blast.  The kids both love animals so I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed their afternoon.  We headed out after naps and at first we saw a lot of the animals in the cages and the petting zoo.  We saw lizards, snakes, moneys, peacocks (my favorite), lemurs, baby lemurs (Nathan’s favorite), and some other interesting animals.

Lemur and baby lemur

Lemur and baby lemur

Looking at the porcupine

Looking at the porcupine

DSC02570 DSC02573

We saw a lot of chickens which Nathan investigated and secretly compared to our chickens (update post coming soon).

My favorite picture

My favorite picture

We had fun.  After we walked around all looked at all the animals, we got in the car and headed for the drive thru part of the trip.

"Hey mom, a kangaroo" (If he could talk)

“Hey mom, a kangaroo” (If he could talk)

DSC02578 DSC02580 DSC02581

The kids sat in my lap during the drive thru part of the fun.  That made for crazy and fun.  Hadley couldn’t keep her hands off all of the buttons.  She turned my seat heater on twice so my bum was ON FIRE.

IMG_6579Hadley only sat with me for a few minutes but I love this picture of us together!  Most of the time Noah sat in my lap and Hadley wiggled around.  We saw tigers, lions, deer, bears, emus, and many more animals.  We had a blast!  So much fun seeing all the animals and spending the afternoon together.  I feel incredibly grateful for my family!


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