I don’t give my kids Jell-O.  I mean what IS Jell-O anyways?  Well, on Thursday Noah was sick and the doctor said his throat hurt really bad so give him soft, smooth things like Jell-O.  So off to the store I went to buy Jell-O.  On Thursday Noah did not like the Jell-O.  He didn’t want to eat anything.  Today, for lunch, I gave Hadley and Noah Jell-O.  It could not live in my fridge forever so I let them eat some.  Here was their response.

They had more fun playing with it!  They both ate some but neither one of them finished their Jell-O.  They just liked it jiggling!


Here is a picture of this crazy boy.  Hadley had to go to the bathroom but Noah kept on playing with it.  They both probably played with their Jell-O for a good 7-10 minutes.

It’s the little things.  This Jell-O was worth it.  🙂


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