Posted in April 2013

Megan’s Got Hitched!

My best friend Megan got married this past weekend.  It was our second wedding in Dallas in April.  WOW.  The kids and I (and Nathan) have traveled so much lately.  I wanted to be part of Megan’s and Justin and Meredith’s wedding festivities so we traveled for showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings.  It was a … Continue reading

We Got Chickens!

I have been wanting chickens for a while now but Nathan was not interested.  I really didn’t know anything about raising chickens but somewhere in my dream land I grow my own produce, get local meat and dairy, have chickens (for eggs, not meat), grind my own wheat, ya know, do it all!  Well, chickens … Continue reading

Disney On Ice

To continue our crazy weekend of wedding fun we changed gears.  Sunday night was about the kids.  Unfortunately Nathan had to head home Sunday afternoon.  I am sad he didn’t get to come with us but my mom, Patti, Kyle, Hadley, Noah, and I all headed out to the American Airlines Center to see Disney … Continue reading

My Brother Got Hitched (the real deal)!!

On Saturday we woke up and just hung around. There were wedding things going on but we didn’t attend. We didn’t really want to overwhelm the kids anymore than they already were. I left around lunch time to go joint he other bridesmaids to get primped. I love getting primped by someone else. Don’t you? … Continue reading

My Brother Got Hitched (Practice Round)!!

This past weekend we went to Dallas (again) for my brother’s wedding. My brother, Justin, got married to a wonderful girl named Meredith. They have dated a little over a year and I am so excited she is part of our family. She is just fantastic! I am going to break this weekend up in … Continue reading

Easter 2013

This year Easter was probably the most beautiful day Fayetteville has seen in MONTHS.  It was gorgeous!  I love spending the days outside with my kids and Nathan.  Nothing could be sweeter than that.  We started the morning with bunny, chick and egg pancakes and then went to church.  New Heights had a great message … Continue reading

Orange Ricotta Muffins

Recipe Boy is a blog I follow.  I follow his mom, Recipe Girl and I think its pretty neat her 11 (?) year old son has his own blog about food as well so I follow it.  It is fun to see such a young writer maneuver his way around a blog.  The other day … Continue reading

Spring Break: Telluride (Part 2)

The second day was similar to the first.  Nathan and I snowboarded/skied and Hadley went to ski school.  Even though the first day as ski school wasn’t the best day of her life, she was ready to go back.  I was glad.  This day (its Wednesday), Noah went to the nursery at the ski school/mountain … Continue reading