Adoption Update

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions regarding our adoption journey.  I thought I would give everyone a short update.  If you didn’t know we were even adopting then read this first and then read this.  You will be caught up.

I will start in November; heartbroken.  Nathan and I, along with the workers at Bethany Christian Services all thought it was a good idea for us to take a break and step out of the adoption process.  DONE.  I needed time to heal, badly.  Desperately.  Nathan and I spent the rest of November and all of December truly enjoying the two little blessing we have running around this house.  I do not even know how people can survive a baby being taken away without kids already.  They are the only reason I would not cry on the floor all day.  I am truly blessed to have Hadley and Noah.  Nathan and I spent a lot of time in prayer over the next couple of months, together and apart.  We talked about if we still even wanted to continue the adoption process or if we wanted to try to conceive number 3 on our own.  It was never really a question though.  We knew God had a plan for us whether we liked it or not.  We knew we were suppose to adopt.  That really hasn’t ever been a question since we first started this process.  January came and we decided we were ready to try again.  We called Bethany Christian Services and said we are willing to be a “waiting family” again.

We waited all of January and heard nothing.  No big deal.  February came and it was a big month with potential birth moms (moms thinking about giving up their child for adoption).  We have said we are willing to accept the children that are soon to be born but we have not been chosen by a birth mom to be a child’s family.  (I hope this is all making sense, it is a complicated process.  Bethany sends out a very vague e-mail saying a baby is going to be born in “May” and will be “African-American” and it will be “healthy” would you consider this baby?  And then we have to respond, yes or no.  Nathan and I always say yes.  Regardless of the terms. Then the birth mom looks at our scrapbooks we made and she chooses a family based on the books.)  The first e-mail we received Nathan had a hard time committing to.  He still had issues with Elliot, which were understandable.  He realized it was past issues and we continued to pray about it and move forward.  We are still waiting, still praying, knowing that God has the perfect child for our family planned out there.  We are to be patient.  Luckily I have a great life right now and my life is full, it is busy, and I am grateful for the things I get to do now with Hadley and Noah that I won’t get to do with a newborn around.  Saying that does not mean I don’t desperately want a new baby though either.  Hadley also wants a new baby too.  She prays every night for our new baby.  She is patient, not knowing when he or she is coming but continues to pray.  I love it.

So that is where we are now.  We could get a baby tomorrow or a baby 7 months from now.  Only God knows.  We will continue to say “yes” to e-mails and take advantage of the days of two children but rejoice when there is three.  If you have questions, ask away, but I do hope this clears up some things.  Also, I would encourage all of y’all reading this to continue with us in prayer for God to provide a child soon to our family.  A healthy, happy baby with a birth mom who is committed to her decisions.  Thank you in advance.


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