Posted in March 2013

Spring Break 2013:Telluride

Remember when we went to Telluride last August? Well, we loved it so much we thought we would head back over there for spring break to catch a glimpse of the snow and we were hoping to hit the slopes. Our spring break trip did not last long enough (but then again it did because … Continue reading

Dallas Zoo

We just got back from A LOT of traveling.  It started a week ago last Friday.  We drove to Dallas to have Meredith’s shower (my brother’s fiancée).  It was great.  On Monday we were leaving to head back to Telluride.  Sunday was a free day so we decided to have some fun.  My mom, her … Continue reading

Banana Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Can anyone really have too much banana and chocolate together?  I mean…its such a perfect pair!  I often forget about it but lately I have been all over it with these muffins and now this cake.  Remember a loooooooong time ago when I mentioned this cake book?  I said I would bake a lot of … Continue reading

Adoption Update

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions regarding our adoption journey.  I thought I would give everyone a short update.  If you didn’t know we were even adopting then read this first and then read this.  You will be caught up. I will start in November; heartbroken.  Nathan and I, along with the … Continue reading

Healthy Banana Bran Muffins

Our community group splits up kids and adults two out of the three times we meet in a month.  The kids go to a babysitter and the adults go to a nearby house.  It has worked out great most of the time.  One downfall is that we have to provide a meal for the kids … Continue reading


Recently, ok not that recently, Nathan’s cousin Emily asked me if I could show her how to make some naan.  I have never made naan before and I am not sure if I have ever even eaten naan before but I told her I would do it!  Nothing like a baking challenge right?  Well, it … Continue reading

Mason Creek Farms

Today my MOPS group went to go visit Mason Creek Farms on the outskirts of Fayetteville.  Mason Creek Farms is a pig farm that also produces chicken eggs.  They are one of the two Animal Welfare Approved pig farms in Arkansas.  It is the nicest couple ever, Glenn and Rose that run the farm.  I … Continue reading

What I Ate: Three Cheese Baked Penne

Tonight we ate some good, comforting pasta.  If you don’t live in Arkansas then let me tell you about the weather this week.  It is COLD.  It has been in the low 30’s but the “feels like” temperature is in the mid-twenties.  It doesn’t snow, the sun doesn’t come out, it’s just cold!   So … Continue reading