What I Ate: Pizza

Tonight we ate pizza for dinner.  Hadley and I made pizza to be more exact.  I need to make pizza more often.  It is SUPER simple and extremely delicious.  I guess it isn’t always the healthiest but it isn’t that bad and again, easy and delicious.

Let’s start in the morning.  This morning I made oatmeal for me and the kids.  We ate that up for breakfast.  For lunch I had another bowl of cereal.  I don’t know what it is but I keep wanting cereal.  I think because I usually eat a turkey sandwich and in this cold weather a sandwich is not appealing.  I have no idea why cereal is more appealing though.  Today it was my Happy O’s.  Also today I ate some cookies that I made yesterday.  I made some monster cookies and I may post about them sometime soon.

This morning I made this pizza dough recipe.  It is from the Pioneer Woman.  It is in her newer cookbook.  It is easy and takes five minutes to make.  Then just let it rise.  Once I rolled out the dough I added pesto, tomato slices, prosciutto, mozzarella slices and then a little bit of shredded mozzarella I had left over in the fridge.  Once all layered up I stuck it in a 500 degree for about 12-15 minutes.  Here is a picture of the half eaten pizza.  I recommend y’all go make some pizza this week!



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