What I Ate: Asian Lettuce Wraps

Hey Everyone, day two here of What I Ate.  Aren’t y’all excited?  I know you are!  This post is going to be short and sweet because I am TIRED (I realize it’s only 8:15).

For breakfast I made a new pancake recipe from Pioneer Woman.  LOVE HER.  It is called Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes.  They are in her first cookbook.  I highly recommend getting either of her cookbooks.  She knows how to make delicious stuff.  I have never made sour cream pancakes before but I had some sour cream that needed to be used.  The recipe only called for 7 tablespoons of flour.  Crazy huh?  They were light, delicate, and yummy.

For lunch we picked up some Firehouse Subs on the way home from church.  I am a sucker for meatball subs.  Always have been and probably always will be.  LOVE them.  So that’s what I ate.  And an apple.

For dinner I made these asian lettuce wraps with roasted carrots.  I forgot to take a picture until I was almost done eating.  I did get one though, my mom has said before that she doesn’t like it when I write a blog post without a picture, so here it is.  My half eaten plate.

IMG_5535Sometimes the lettuce falls apart hence the amount of “stuffing” on the side.  I am not going to type up the recipe but I will send you to the link.  This blogger is one of my favorites.  I love her cooking, she usually uses unprocessed products but makes filling meals which is what this house needs.  I really try to cook with unprocessed foods but a salad every night is not going to cut it here!  So her website is a great resource for me.  Her site is called Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.  Check it out, she posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The only thing I did different from from her recipe was that instead of ground chicken I used ground turkey.  Also, I just roasted some carrots for about 30 minutes at 40 degrees with olive oil, a champagne vinegar, salt and pepper.  Easy peasy.  Yummy and healthy.  Enjoy!!


Tomorrow I probably won’t post because for dinner I have a date scheduled with my little lady and then bible study after that.  Maybe on Tuesday you will get a post but I won’t be cooking tomorrow!  Yay! I love to cook but I love a break too.



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