Child vs. Child: 15 Months

Noah turned 15 months old yesterday.  What a big boy right?  Ah, my heart if full of joy but breaking at the same time.  How can he already be 15 months?  I know every mom asks that at every stage.  How is my daughter already 3?  I mean it’s CRAZY.  Back to 15 months old though.  Yesterday Noah turned 15 months old.  The past few days have been difficult with him.  He is getting over a virus, which doesn’t help but I think he is entering a stage, a stage his sister did not exactly go through (that I remember).  I think part of it is that he is a boy and then part of it, is just that he is a different child.  I know you aren’t suppose to compare children but really? Who doesn’t?  I understand they are two different people and I love them the same, I acknowledge their differences, I try to embrace them.  I really do.

First, let me go back and tell you what I remember about Hadley at 15 months old.  Now, I know this was two years ago but 15 months was kind of a milestone month for her I felt like.  So lets talk.  At 15 months old Hadley could use signs to tell me when she was hungry, wanted something else, or was all done.  I could read her well without her throwing a huge fit.  Also, (now I am fully aware that this sounds crazy, but this was the main milestone part) at 15 months I could leave Hadley without a diaper on for a long time and she could usually tell me when she had to go potty.  Now I was not potty training her (maybe I should have, but that’s a different story) but she wouldn’t go on the floor.  I would just go put a diaper on her.  Hadley also has the largest bladder of anyone ever in the world.  More to the point though, communication flowed between us.  It was nice.  Here are some pictures of my baby girl, with no hair.

Go Horned Frogs!

Go Horned Frogs!

Boingo Bounce

Boingo Bounce

Basketball game with Uncle Preston

Basketball game with Uncle Preston

Now lets move on to Noah.  I love him.  He is cute and learning ALL.THE.TIME.  I love it, one cute thing he has done lately is when we light a candle he blows because he knows eventually we will blow it out.  He is trying to blow it out.  Precious people.

Blowing out the candle

Blowing out the candle

He thinks he is soo cool in that picture.  Now one thing he does that isn’t so cute in throw fits.  I am sure Hadley threw fits but some days Noah throws a lot of fits.  Here he is:

IMG_5109I mean.  He is still precious.  I still love him with every bone in my body but doesn’t this also break your heart?  Here he is mad I wouldn’t open his sisters jewelry kit for him (to eat I’m sure).  Even though I try to teach Noah how to sign, he doesn’t.  I don’t know why, but he doesn’t.  He doesn’t say anything except Hadley (aa-ee) or woof woof!  The important things, I know.  Unfortunately those words don’t help me know when he is hungry, tired, thirsty, or when something hurts.  A lot of times I know what he wants but he still screams.  He has been throwing his food on the floor- like dumps his whole plate on the ground.  He doesn’t care when I tell him “no”, or doesn’t care when I flick his little hand either.  I never had to flick his sister’s hand, but she listened.  This boy is hard-headed.  He likes to test me.  It makes me wonder what my future holds.  I know it will be fun and adventurous.  All children have their own journey and I am so lucky to be part of Hadley’s and Noah’s.  I just hope they aren’t TOO difficult! 😉

One thing Noah can do that Hadley couldn’t do until she was like two was throw a ball.  I mean, really thow a ball.  He LOVES it.  I love watching him.  Here are a few more pictures of that precious boy, as a 15 month old.



(Oh, and if Noah doesn’t have a diaper on he pees.  He usually walks to the bath mat in his bathroom and pees actually.  Its funny.  Luckily I kind of like diapers, so I don’t mind 🙂  Call me crazy. )


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