Posted in January 2013

Riley’s to Arkansas

This past week we had some amazing visitors come all the way to Fayetteville, Arkansas from Houston, Texas.  That is one long trip they made!  I feel so special that they drove all the way (10 hours people) to come visit us!  Nathan’s cousin Justin and his wife Luann, and their twin boys Beckett and … Continue reading

Cheese Centered Cornbread Muffins

These are delicious.  I made chili the other night JUST because I wanted to try this recipe.  Think about it.  Cheese in the middle of a cornbread muffin.  Not just any cheese too.  Well, you could use any cheese but I used fontina.  If you haven’t eaten any fontina cheese lately you should!  That stuff … Continue reading

Princess Party

Hadley loves princesses, pink, jewelry and anything girly.  I did not form her to be this way she has grown this way and I love it.  Tonight we had a party with two of her friends.  It was a princess party.  I am not really sure where this idea came from, maybe just her love … Continue reading

Time Outs and Forward Rolls

Tonight was a fun night with the kids.  I love nights like tonight.  Nothing significant but just fun.  Well during dinner Hadley had a time out.  That isn’t normal but she would not leave her brother alone and neither of them were eating.  She was in time out and was not excited about having a … Continue reading

Child vs. Child: 15 Months

Noah turned 15 months old yesterday.  What a big boy right?  Ah, my heart if full of joy but breaking at the same time.  How can he already be 15 months?  I know every mom asks that at every stage.  How is my daughter already 3?  I mean it’s CRAZY.  Back to 15 months old … Continue reading

Blueberry Muffins

I made some blueberry muffins today.  They aren’t fancy but my family sure does love them.  They are yummy.  I don’t really make many recipes multiple times (because I love trying new recipes) but this one I have made over and over.  No need to look for a better recipe.  I made these during the … Continue reading

Marble Molasses Pound Cake

January 3, today, is the first day I baked of 2013!  It took me three whole days, can you believe it?  I am going to try to cut back on the sweets but in the month of December the amounts of sweets in this house was ridiculous.  So already I am cutting back since I … Continue reading

Christmas Break 2012

This is a summary of some of my favorite moments over the past two weeks. It was hard to limit it to just these few pictures but there were so many great moments. Love the holidays!