Noah turned one today.  When Hadley turned one I was a-ok with it.  I cannot say the same with Noah.  My baby has grown WAAAAY to fast.  I need more time to cuddle, I need more sweet kisses, I need more rocking time.  I need more time.  I need it to slow down.  I love every stage and I know every stage just gets better and more fun but can they just change a little slower please?  Ok, I am done complaining.

Noah is one.  He isn’t walking but he is crawling.  He used to crawl on his belly everywhere, like an army crawl.  Then when he started getting serious about pulling up on things, he realized he could pull up easier from his knees, so he started crawling like a real boy! He says “mama” or that’s the only thing we understand.  He tries to say more but we don’t understand.  But he does make the same sounds over and over.  He sucks his thumb sometimes and I know I shouldn’t but I love it.  It is cute, and it makes me feel like he is still little.  I am not going to go into many details of him and his life right now but I will show you some pictures from today.

Fun sibling timeLove his birthday present

He thinks he is the coolest kid in the world.

Playing in the dirt for birthday fun!

I had a couple more pictures but they aren’t working on the site for some reason.

Also, just because I did a post for Noah don’t expect one for their birthday party or for Hadley’s birthday next week.  I hope to do that, but come on, y’all can’t expect too much from me!  🙂

I love my baby boy.  He is the most precious boy in the world.  I am DAILY amazed that God has blessed me with him.  Daily.


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