Just a Typical Saturday Night…Right?

Our Saturday night was a little different from most.  It started out fairly normal.  We went to a birthday party for our neighbor who turns ONE tomorrow.  It was so much fun.  Then we come home and warm up some soup for dinner.  As we do Nathan and I notice that Gracie is INCREDIBLY dirty.  We figured she dug out of the fence again.  Gracie likes to dig out of the fence and then crawl back in.  She doesn’t do anything except make a mess of our yard and of herself.  Since it has been raining for two days straight she was DIRTY.  We had to bathe her.  Hadley wanted to help.  We thought it could be a family event, I guess.  It was madness though.  Noah was SOO tired (didn’t get enough sleep today) so he was crying.  Hadley was having fun playing in the water.  Noah only calmed down when I held him, so then I was soaking wet.  I am pretty sure he peed on me too while I was holding him.  Here are some pictures of the event. 


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