Unprocessed Challenge

As y’all know I like food.  Y’all mainly see that I like to bake, which I do.  But I also love to cook.  I just like being in the kitchen and I like learning about food.  Recently I came across something that I think is just awesome.  It is called October Unprocessed.  It is calling people to eat a diet of completely unprocessed foods.  I love this idea!  We try to eat a lot of unprocessed foods.  Our diet is not completely unprocessed unfortunately but it does not contain a lot of processed foods.  I am not sure if I am going to partake in this October Unprocessed challenge because October is a hard month (my birthday, both kids birthday, travel to Texas…) but I may commit to a week or two of it.  Either way the idea is to make people more aware and that is what is happening in my life at least.  Here are some more links about the Unprocessed Challenge.  I hope everyone at least goes to their website and checks it out.



The Kitchen Test


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