A Day in the Life…

I recently saw another blogger write her daily schedule out for one of her blog posts.  I found it FASCINATING.  Maybe that is because I am weird but I always wonder what people do all day.  Especially other stay at home moms, since I can really relate to them.  But I think anyones schedule would be fascinating for the record.  I am going to tell you about what we did yesterday.  It wasn’t quiet a typical day but close and I can explain why it was different as I go.  Let’s begin!

5:02- alarm goes off.  YUCK.  Too early right?  Well I get up and head to the gym.  Run.

6:10-home and getting in the shower.  After shower I water plants and get my breakfast ready.

7:20- Nathan leaves and as he shuts the garage door both kids wake up at the same time.  Not because of the garage, just because but sad they didn’t get to see their daddy.

7:30-nurse Noah then breakfast for all three of us.

8:15- done with breakfast and time to get Noah dressed and play in Hadley’s room some.

8:45- Noah is down for his first nap.

8:50- Time for Hadley to get dressed.  Normally while Noah sleeps we read books but today we worked on her “All About Me” poster for her school.

9:40-Hadley is ready for ballet (first class) and I am waking Noah up so we can get there, HOPEFULLY by 10.

10:05- Didn’t make it on time.  Darn.  Well she joins her class, we miss introductions but she loves it.  I try to nurse Noah while we were there but of course everything else in the world was cooler than nursing so it didn’t happen.

10:40- done with dance class and headed to the Washington County Fair (this isn’t normal).  We go look at lots of animals.  Hadley’s favorite was the bunnies, she loved how soft they were.

Petting Zoo LOVE

My kids are cute…but like you didn’t know 😉

11:50- we head home it is lunch and Noah is past due for a nap.

(Insert: Normally Noah takes three naps a day, one around 8:30, 11:30, and again around 1:30.  The middle nap is normally really short, well none of them are long.  We bypassed his nap today because I thought he was trying to drop his middle nap, turns out he wasn’t.  Whoops.)

12:05-lunch for all of us.  sandwiches for me and Hadley. Here is a picture of Noah stacking up his turkey.

12:35-the kids played in Noah’s room while I put up some of Noah’s laundry in his room.  They love playing together and I love it too, for many reasons. (one reason why everyone should at least have two kids)

1:00- NAP TIME

1:00- during nap time I prepare dinner.  I am taking someone in our church who just had a baby dinner tonight so I had to prepare it all, half for us, half for them.

2:00- Noah wakes up, normally this nap for him is longer but apparently not today.  We are up and we head outside to play.

This is his new favorite thing outside.  Grabbing handfuls of dirt and putting them on the floor.  Thanks for the mess bud.

3:00- nurse Noah and play some more.

3:30- Hadley wakes up.  She played in her bed for a while before she actually went to sleep, she usually sleeps about 2 hours.

3:30-read books in Hadley’s room.  We missed our book readings this morning so I guess Hadley thought we need to make up for it now.  I love it and so does she.  Noah has just recently started listening to the books but sometimes he just crawls around.

4:00-Nathan comes home, Yay! for daddy!


no reason to put your feet on the floor when your big sister pushes you everywhere

4:30-I start the oven and get the food ready to cook for the other family, continue play time.

5:00- I go take the food to the couple who just had TWINS (and one is Noah Riley, just like mine :))

5:30-on my way back home, catching up with a good friend on the phone so I sat in the car for a while.  LOVED it.  But when I go inside Nathan and I decided to go back to the Washington County Fair because Hadley said she wanted to ride some rides at the fair. So we load up and head to the fair.

6:00-get to fair and check out the rides.  Hadley hasn’t ever really road any rides like this.  She did once but it was like two years ago.  We had no idea if she would really ride or not.  After walking around for a while she decided to ride the tea cups.  She enjoyed it.  After that we rode the carousel.

That was our day!  It was a fun day and I love getting to spend time with my kids and family and experiencing new things.  What do y’all do every day?  I would love to know!!


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…

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    • Well, I don’t get up every morning now to run. I did use to but I can only run 3-4 miles in the morning. 4 if I am lucky but usually only 3. Now I would like to run longer so I am running more in the afternoons. But if I can’t fit it in later in the day then I will go in the morning, its nice to get it out of the way.

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