Nap Time

Everyone loves nap time right?  I mean I love nap time, I am pretty sure my kids love nap time, college students love nap time, pregnant people love nap time.  EVERYONE.  Let me tell you about nap time in the Bowers family.  I love nap time for many reasons.  I love to take naps, but that never happens.  That’s ok, I love it for other reasons.  I love nap time because it gives me a chance to get things done without the kids.  Nap time is when I always prepare dinner.  I try to get everything done I can for dinner during nap time so I get to spend as much time possible with Nathan and the kids in the evening.  I also do the normal nap time things like laundry and cleaning.  I usually don’t get a chance to do “fun stuff” during nap time like surf the web, watch tv, read, but every once in a while (like today) I get a chance to open my computer.  The main reason I like nap time though is because it makes me slow life down.  On vacation last week nap time was a good break during the day to relax and slow down.  I really, really enjoy that down time.  I feel like in the world today we try to cram so much into vacation time (or just daily living) that we forget to take a break.  Nap time makes me slow down and take a break, even on vacation.

Here are a couple of pictures of my kids during nap time.  As you can see Noah was not asleep.  He for some reason today would rather play in his crib- I am sure he will crash soon though since he has been playing for over an hour.  🙂


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