Telluride, Colorado

Recently my dad bought a house in Telluride, Colorado. It is amazing. Beautiful. These pictures or any words I have to say will not do this place justice.

Here is the trip in pictures.


ImageThe plane trip.

ImageImageMy dads houseImage

ImageImageImageImageLooking over the city of TellurideImageImageImageImageImageThe pond in my dad’s “backyard”ImageImageImageImageImage

The sheep in my dad’s neighborhood. ImageImageImageBlack ski slope without snow. Crazy steep!ImageImage

Jeep tour to see the mining city. Why Telluride exist.


This is just some of the pictures. I couldn’t get the post to cooperate (obviously by seeing the picture of Noah sideways on the plane). I will try to get it working right and get some more pictures up here. Enjoy these beauties though until then. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Telluride, Colorado

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