Posted in August 2012

A Day in the Life…

I recently saw another blogger write her daily schedule out for one of her blog posts.  I found it FASCINATING.  Maybe that is because I am weird but I always wonder what people do all day.  Especially other stay at home moms, since I can really relate to them.  But I think anyones schedule would … Continue reading

Summer Evening

Last night was a typical evening here at the Bowers house but it was a great one.  I love these summer nights.  This one in particular was great because Noah really found a love for the slide.  He has liked it before but not as much as last night. The afternoon started by playing with … Continue reading

Nap Time

Everyone loves nap time right?  I mean I love nap time, I am pretty sure my kids love nap time, college students love nap time, pregnant people love nap time.  EVERYONE.  Let me tell you about nap time in the Bowers family.  I love nap time for many reasons.  I love to take naps, but … Continue reading

Telluride, Colorado

Recently my dad bought a house in Telluride, Colorado. It is amazing. Beautiful. These pictures or any words I have to say will not do this place justice. Here is the trip in pictures. The plane trip. My dads house Looking over the city of TellurideThe pond in my dad’s “backyard” The sheep in my … Continue reading