This morning I did a happy dance.  I mean I was giddy as I walked away from the mailbox.  I put something important in the mailbox.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much.  I know that really isn’t that abnormal but there is a reason.  I have been preoccupied.  I haven’t even really had time to bake, GASP!  In my free time I have been busy with some other things that apparently are more important than baking (joking, I realize there are a few things more important than baking).  Can anyone guess what has been taking up so much of my time (besides my darling little kids)?  Well let me show you.

ImageAll this paperwork.  That is A LOT of paperwork.  I mean a lot.  14 ounces of paperwork.  Here is what the paperwork is for:

ImageAdoption paperwork.

Nathan and I decided a long time ago that we wanted to adopt a child.  We have actually been trying to get this process rolling for a couple of months now, we have been meeting with people, e-mailing with people, and filling out paperwork for awhile.  We had thought about going through DHS to adopt (or foster to adopt) but ended up applying to a private organization called Bethany Christian Services.  They are all over the country but their main office in Arkansas is in Little Rock and then they have a person here, in Springdale they work with.  We want a child from (northwest) Arkansas.  A local babe.  More than that, we don’t care.  We don’t care if the babe is a boy or a girl or really even a baby.  Almost all the children adopted through Bethany (in Springdale) are babies though.  We aren’t closed to the idea of having an older child though.  Also, we will take any race.  We even said we would consider unhealthy babies, disabled babies, any baby.

We feel called to adopt.  We obviously can have children of our own and even though I loved carrying a baby inside my belly and enjoyed the bonding I had with Hadley and Noah before their birth, during their birth, and during the months of breastfeeding, we still feel called to something else.  We love children.  We know we can love any child God puts in our life.  No doubt about that.  We spend a lot of time in prayer over this whole process and over our future child.  I am truly amazing at how God has changed my heart in these last few months as we walk through this process with Him.  He has big plans for us and I can’t wait to see how they all play out.

We have only just begun this process though.  We haven’t been accepted to adopt yet but have only filled out all the paperwork to be accepted to adopt.  We have been finger printed, had physicals, had things notarized, filled out questionnaires, got references, and so much more.  Last night I put all this paperwork into a big brown envelope and then put it in the mailbox this morning.  That is when I did my happy dance.

We still have to complete a home study, some on-line training, interviews, and I don’t even know what else before we even get on the waiting list.  I will keep y’all posted though.  This is an exciting journey for us and please, please, please keep us in your prayers as we will be needing them!


8 thoughts on “#3

  1. I am so excited and happy for you! I love you and your sweet family…what a wonderful way to grow the love! I will be praying for your journey.

  2. Very exciting! We are in the process of adopting too! We have all our paper work submitted, home study done, and now we are waiting on the state to approve us! We are adopting from the Alabama Foster Care system! And yes, it is a mountain of paper work!!!!!

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