This week I got my first order of cupcakes! My cousin who also sells cupcakes was making cupcakes for a salon here in Fayetteville because all month they are celebrating their ninth year of being open. Every Friday they have cupcakes and champagne. The past two weeks this month Leia has made cupcakes for the salon but the next two weeks she was unable to so she recommended me to the salon owner to make cupcakes for her. The salon owner called me on Wednesday and of course I accepted!! I was so excited. It was a crazy Thursday though because someone at our church recently had a baby so I also had plans to bring them dinner on Thursday night. All day Thursday I was in the kitchen. I loved it. Here are some of the cupcakes I made for the celebration.

I made two different kinds. These are lemon poppy seed with blueberry cream cheese icing. The second kind I made was honey and fig (fig filling with honey icing). I didn’t get a picture of the honey and fig kind.

I have a few other pictures of some cupcakes I have made recently.

These are peach cupcakes.

Here are some I made for the fourth of July.

I am making some more cupcakes this upcoming Friday for the salon. I am not sure what I will make but I think I may make some champagne cupcakes. Their theme is cupcakes and champagne so champagne cupcakes would be good right? We will see.


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