Pizza Cook-Off (and a first “haircut”)

This past week some friends of mine and my husbands had a pizza cook-off.  We have had a few cook-offs (and always desire to have more).  It started a few years ago with a chili cook-off.  We have done that every year.  We have also done a soup cook-off.  Back to the pizza-cook off though.  We invited some of our friends over and everyone cooked their own pizza.  Here are the pizzas.

Here is my pizza.  It is a Pioneer Woman recipe that is from her cookbook.  It has potatoes, leeks, bacon, mozzarella, goat cheese and parmesan cheese on it.  YUMM.  I think it is delicious.

This was our friend Joe and Cody’s pizza.  It was good.  (They were all good!) It had prosciutto, basil, tomatoes, and lots of cheese.

Leia (and Will) made two pizzas.  This was the first.  It had chicken, artichokes, peppers, jalapenos, and probably some more yumminess.

This was Leia’s second pizza.  Taco pizza!  Ground beef, peppers, onions, jalapenos, and probably some more yumminess!

This was Justin and Kristen‘s pizzas.  I am not sure what is all on these but I think they were pretty simple and delicious.  I think they both had pepperoni and basil, and then the one of the right also had sausage.

Here is the line up:

A lot of yumminess happened that night.  Not only did we have delicious pizza we had some amazing dessert too.  Leia is practicing her baking skills for the bakery she will open one day with this delicious lemon icebox cake.

And I made some homemade vanilla bean ice cream.

While Leia was here I had to take advantage of her and get her to trim up Noah’s hair.  Noah was getting some hair over his ears but it was growing unevenly.  So she trimmed it up!  Noah got his first haircut at 8 months old when Hadley didn’t get her first haircut until she was well over 2.

Here he is!  First haircut (just on the sides (don’t mind my nastiness on my dress)).

Here are the kiddos and Nathan hanging out.  Hudson, in the middle, is our neighbor.  His family was suppose to come judge but unfortunately Porter was sick this day and so him and Bethany didn’t come over.  But Adam and Hudson did, and Bethany just judged from across the street.

We had a fabulous night to say the least.  You are probably wondering who won the pizza cook-off right?  Well, here is one problem with our cook-offs.  We forget to judge sometimes.  BUT we kind of did.  We do talk about it, just a decision isn’t always agreed upon.  The pizza that most people liked the best was Leia’s chicken, artichoke, and peppers pizza.  It was my favorite and it was something delicious.  A close second was either my bacon, potato, and leek pizza or Justin and Kristen’s pepperoni and basil pizza.  But I think Justin and Kristen’s pizza had more votes.  Everyone’s pizza was delicious though (have I said that yet?) We had a lot of fun.  What other ideas do you have for a cook-off?  Let me know!  We always try to think of a good, fun, cook-off event.


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