More Cupcakes

I have been making some more cupcakes people.  Here are some of the cupcakes I have been working on lately.  Just remember, I am taking orders now for cupcakes so some of these would be great for summer cook-outs, showers, parties or just to eat!  They are all delicious!

These are Tres Leche Cupcakes.  One of our friends comes over and eats with us every Thursday night so I often try out my recipes on him.  He said this was his favorite cupcake that he has had so far of mine.  They were delicious, I do have to agree with him.

Key Lime Pie Cupcakes 

Vanilla Cupcakes.  Had fun playing around with icing with these.

Jumbo Chocolate Malt Cupcakes.  Delicious, and JUMBO!

Blueberry Cupcakes.  Packed full with real blueberries and then a blueberry filling. YUMM

These were all delicious!


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