Hoe Down

This past year Hadley has been part of the preschool program at Fayetteville Athletic Club. She has LOVED it. I posted a picture of her class photo earlier this year on another post (here). Her class changed a lot since that photo but her and her BFF, Charlie stayed in the class. This past Thursday was her last day of school, which she skipped because of our late night travels, but that night was the end-of-school Hoe Down. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Each class sang and then the four year olds graduated. Then there was food and games. Hadley’s class sang first. I have pictures of the event and then video footage of her songs.

There is Hadley on the left and Charlie is on the right.

Hadley is probably looking at her teacher, Ms. Lauren

“The mommies on the bus, go shh, shh, shh…”

This is what Hadley does when she is nervous, unsure, or being shy.

Noah trying on Hadley’s hat.

Wheels on the Bus

We Are the Dinosaurs

Slippery Fish


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