Gantt, Alabama

This past Friday at 2:45pm Nathan, his mom, the two kids, and I began our trek from Fayetteville to Gantt, Alabama where Nathan’s parents (his mom’s side) live.  It took us 12 hours and 15 minutes to get there.  I have only been there once since we’ve been married.  We have tried many times but for some reason or another it hasn’t worked out.  I am so glad it finally did.  I think everyone had a blast.  We arrived EARLY Saturday morning.  I slept in the car some but I definitely needed a nap on Saturday.  Before my nap though we woke up and went to the lake to see lots of family.  When we originally planned this trip we thought it was going to be the five of us with Nana and Pawpaw.  Many more people came in town though.  We got to see many cousins and family that I have really only spent time with at weddings.  I loved getting to know so many more family members on this side of the family.  We got to meet babies too which is always a plus!  Well when we got there on Saturday Hadley did not shy away from the water.  She almost immediately got soaking wet so she ended up walking around like this within the first hour.

She was playing in the water so much we had to strip her clothes and dry them out.  Luckily I had a clean pair of underwear in the car.  This weekend we played.  A LOT.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning we spent most of our waking hours at the lake with family.  We swam in the lake, we played with “cousins”, enjoyed family time and being outside.  I could go into detail about every waking hour, but I am not going to do that.  I am going to post some pictures showing you the fun we had.

We swam.

We laughed.

We ate whales.

We played with “cousins”.

We got brave.

We met new faces.

We ate delicious food.

We wore hats.

We spent family time together.

We hung out in our underpants. Oh, only the kids did that.

We got some loving.

We picked blueberries.

 We had fun.

I have so many more pictures from this fabulous trip.  I may try to post them on facebook.  I loved the time we got to spend with family that we don’t normally see.


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