Crawdad Days and the Weekend

This past weekend we went to Harrison for Crawdad Days.  There was a TON of stuff going on, I don’t even know half of it.  It starts Friday but we didn’t do anything until Saturday morning.  My mother in law, MaryJane and I ran in a 5k with the kids in strollers.  I ran with Noah and MaryJane ran/walked with Hadley.  Here is a picture of me and kids before the race.  It was a beautiful day to be running! Now I am going to brag on myself for a bit.  I have been getting up and running at the gym in the mornings.  I get up at 5:10 so I can get home and hopefully shower before Noah wakes up.  I run at the gym and I have been getting decently fast (for me).  I had no idea how fast I was going to run with all those other people, outside, pushing a jogging stroller.  Well I was pretty proud of myself when I crossed the finish line at 28 minutes.  3.1 miles in 28 minutes with a jogging stroller!  I am pretty positive I was the first person to cross the finish line with a stroller.  Here is a picture of us after the race.  SWEATY.  Do you see Noah’s head falling off?

Here is a better picture of that.

After the 5k was the Crawdad Crawl.  This was Hadley’s race.  She lined up with other kiddos her age and was suppose to run around a square.  Here is the line up.

Hadley is in the blue next to MaryJane who is in the lime green and white shirt.  NanaJane, Hadley and Daddy- ready for the Crawl.

Noah woke up just in time to cheer on his big sister!

And they’re off!  Oh.  Wait.  Nope.  Hadley is still at the start line.

She was overwhelmed with everything going on and had no clue what was going on or what to do.  Luckily some sweet friends of MaryJane’s took Noah so I could go out there with Hadley.  I had to basically carry Hadley around the whole little square.  She was not into this Crawl thing.

She still got a ribbon though!  Yay for Hadley!! Her first ribbon!!

After the Crawl we headed over to where the rest of the festival was and where Nathan was going to race his bike.

There was a bounce house so we HAD to bounce.  Hadley thinks these are the best kind of bike races 🙂

Here is MaryJane and Noah (who is about to pass out from all this fun) watching the start of Nathan’s race.  We were only able to watch the beginning before it was time to go.  Showers were calling mine and MaryJane’s name and the crib was calling Noah’s name.  So we didn’t see much of Nathan’s race, but he was ok with that.  We met up with him at Papa’s house for some lunch.

Here is Noah, happy to be fed, happy to be with some cousins, and happy to be at Papa’s house.

Soon after lunch we decided it was time to head back to Fayetteville.  That evening Hadley and I wanted to go see another cousin, Ruthie, at her dance recital.  Hadley knows I danced a lot growing up and she thinks she wants to take dance in the fall.  So I thought it would be fun to go see Ruthie’s recital.  We made it back to Fayetteville JUST in time to make it to her recital.  It was fun but after her dances Hadley was ready to go.  Or I was ready to get her out of there.  She was crawling everywhere, talking, not being still.  Just being a 2.5 year old.  We left, went home, ate dinner and crashed.  Everyone was exhausted.

The next day we went to church and I made my kids match.  Do you remember these outfits? Well the kids finally wore them to church on Sunday.  I thought they both would be too small but luckily they fit!  Here is the cuteness.

This may be a framer.  Love it!

First wagon ride for Noah.  Yay!

This is what we did last weekend.  What did you do?


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