Cupcakes for Sale

Recently I came across the possibility of an opportunity to sell cupcakes at my gym.  The opportunity didn’t work out but it gave me motivation and confidence.  Let me tell you how it happened.  At Hadley’s preschool I made all the teachers at her school cupcakes for teacher appreciation week.  The teachers LOVED them and said I should open my own bakery.  Now, I have NO desire to open my own bakery.  My desire is my kids first.  And I hate business-y stuff.  But I do LOVE to bake.  I told a few of the staff/teachers at the gym (where Hadley goes to preschool) that I would be willing to sell them out of my home though.  A few said they would buy the cupcakes.  One staff member said (if I opened a bakery) she would be my number one client!  How sweet (and amazing) are these words!?!?!  I am still shocked and glad that I can bring smiles to other people by doing something that I love.  After some discussion there was talk of me trying to sell them at the gym.  Well that didn’t work out and that is ok but the thought about it gave me confidence in saying that I would like to sell my cupcakes.  I love to bake cupcakes (or anything for that matter) and would love to bake them for y’all!  If you have a birthday, a party, anything you would like cupcakes for just get in touch with me and I can help you out.  I can make a lot of different kinds of cupcakes.  I made some cupcakes today and they are some of my favorites.

These are banana chocolate chip, spice cupcake with pear filling, and strawberry cupcakes.  I have a few others (here and here and here) on my blog.  These are not the only cupcakes I can make, these are just some.

Spread the word people!  Contact me for prices, flavors, any questions you may have! (

Thanks friends in advance for giving me the confidence to share my love of baking with others.  Also, thank you for spreading the word!


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