Crawfish Boil

This weekend we had our annual crawfish boil.  This has been our FIFTH crawfish boil.  (want to know how I can count them? First year: not pregnant, second year: pregnant, third year: breastfeeding, fourth year: pregnant, fifth year: breastfeeding!) I think this may have been the best one yet.  I have loved all of them but for some reason I really enjoyed this one a lot.  Good friends, good food, and just an all around good day!  I have some pictures of the day but I did a HORRIBLE job of getting pictures of the actual crawfish.  I meant to and I do remember at least one attempt but in the end I never got one.  But I did get a lot of pictures of cute kids and that is better than crawfish right?  I think so.  Let the pictures begin. Here are my kids helping us get ready.  Breaking in the jumperoo and new chair.

Sandbox Fun!

The Ozark Guidance crew.  Miss these guys (and gals)! (Oh and James is thrown in there too from our community group)

BFF’s! Hadley and Charlie

Precious little Hudson.  This is Noah’s BFF.  He is only three days older than Noah.

This is where a lot of boys sat and ate their crawfish.  Only if you were serious about eating though.  I wish I got a picture earlier because there were more boys sitting there but I enjoyed this site.  They LOVE them some crawdads.

James and Noah.  James loves Noah!  James says he loves his kids but isn’t crazy about others…except Noah.  🙂  Noah is a fan of James too.

Mr. Joe Ramsey, such an important part of our life!

The baby boys.  Henry (who is just a month older than the other two) and Noah and Hudson.  They liked the grass.

And Hadley loving on the baby boys.


Oh and one more picture that was from earlier in the day at a cousins birthday party.  But it is such a great photo I have to share it.



This was a great day!  I loved being with friends and family!  Thank you to everyone who made it great.  Also, we did miss many friends who were unable to come and hope that next year y’all can make it!





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