Big news in the Bowers house.  Can anyone guess what it is?  Well let me tell you.  Hadley is potty trained!!  Well we are in the process but she is doing fantastic!  Let me tell you how it went down.

Saturday night Hadley was in the bath and she said she wanted a diaper, Nathan, who bathes her normally, said no but you can go in the potty.  She said ok, and went!  Now we have said before that if she goes in the potty then she gets a piece of candy.  Candy helps people.  I don’t love the idea at all but let me tell you- Hadley is loving it!  Anyways, Nathan said that he thought we should go with it and try potty training her on Sunday (and so on).  So we did.  Sunday I had to work in the nursery at church but Nathan stayed home with the kiddos.  By the time I got home Hadley had some accidents but some successes too.  I got her some special juice that she doesn’t normally get and more panties and more candy.  This helped too.  Sunday continued with having some accidents and some successes.  I was exhausted though Sunday night.  Potty training with a baby also is tiring.  I was dreaded Monday when Nathan had to go back to work and it would be me all day.  Here is a picture of Sunday though, and her potty set-up.

She is still in her pajamas with her bed head.  Also, that is her “phone” in her hand or a broken OLD iPad.  She enjoys it though.  Missing from the picture was the massive stack of books around the potty.  We read a lot while on the potty.

Monday came along and I was not planning on leaving the house at all.  She had some accidents and some successes.  That night I was wondering if she was truly ready.  Hadley was determined though, she was motivated.  She did not want to wear diapers anymore.  If you know Hadley at all, you may know she has the worst (and constant) diaper rash EVER.  She said (I don’t remember if it was Monday or Tuesday) “I don’t have ouchies anymore” meaning no more rash on her bottom.  That right there was awesome.  I am so glad she is aware of that!  So proud of my baby girl.

Tuesday rolls around.  I do not plan on leaving the house again.  No school, nothing.  MUCH MORE SUCCESS this day.  NO ACCIDENTS!!!  I told her on Monday if she didn’t have any accidents for one full day then we could either go get a cupcake (she loves icing) or get ice cream.  She chose ice cream.  That motivated her on Tuesday.  She wanted her ice cream!  And she didn’t want to wear diapers anymore.  Here are some pictures of what we did during the day.   Ate a popsicle.

Made butterflies.

Ate ice cream because she had no accidents!!!!

She got to pick out whatever toppings she wanted.  Now she didn’t eat most of this but she had a blast doing it.

NanaJane and Silas just happened to be there on our very special day.

So eventually Wednesday rolled around.  We were going to attempt to go to gymnastics.  I was nervous but I felt confident that Hadley could handle it.

Here she is at gymnastics.  She does not want the crocodiles to get her.  They scare her.  (They are imaginary).

No accidents at gymnastics and NO accidents the rest of the day!!!!!!  She had another great day!  Today I sent her to school.  She only goes four hours but this meant she was going to have to go potty in a different potty than the one at home.  Or so I thought.  I packed her an extra skirt and extra panties just in case she had an accident.  I was so excited/nervous to hear how she did when I picked her up.  When I picked her up her teacher said she would never go for her!  They put her on the potty 7 times and Hadley would never pee.  Hadley told me on the way home she only wants to pee in our little potty.  She held her bladder for over 4 hours though!  Now right when we got home she definitely peed.  We still have some stuff to work on obviously but she is doing amazing!!  I never thought this girl would potty train and she proved me wrong.  Just another reason why I love her.


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