6 Month Stud (and studette)

Noah turned six months last week.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I cannot.  I mean where did those first six months go?  Where is my baby boy?  What is going on in the world?  Someone make it stop.  Now.

Well I guess the world isn’t going to stop so I will tell you about life right now.  Noah has tubes.  They have been in for a week and a half and he has done well.  A lot of people said I would noticed a huge change immediately.  I did not.  I noticed that he smiles more.  He hears more.  Apparently all that junk in your ears clogs your hearing some.  The biggest thing is since his tubes I have felt comfortable letting him cry a little bit at night.  I never did before because I never knew when he was in pain.  But now he cried a little bit one night and has been basically sleeping through the night since!  Like 12 hours every night.  Great huh?  Going from eating every like 3 hours to sleeping all night.  He is a champ.  Talking about sleep, when he turned six months we completely lost the swaddle blanket.  That was not NEAR as hard as I thought it would be.  He likes not having it on.  He can roll all over his crib and move around in it.  Its great.  The only problem we are having now is keeping his pee in his diaper.  If he has a cloth diaper on, and rolls over on his belly there is a good chance I may have to change the crib sheet, his clothes and his diaper when he wakes up.  We are working on it.  Here are a few pictures of my baby boy.

This is his six months old pose.  He isn’t sitting up by himself yet but who needs to sit up by yourself when you look like such a stud sitting in this chair?  I mean really.

Here he is just being cute on the floor.  I love chubby naked babies.  Nothing beats this.

This was this Saturday, Noah’s first time eating at a restaurant.  We went to Red Robin’s and I was super nervous about just Nathan and I taking both kids to dinner on a Saturday night but we had no food at the house and had just drove back in town from Harrison.  Red Robin’s may not be my first choice always but boy it is kid friendly and it was delicious.  Noah did great.

This is Silas, Noah’s cousin who is a year older than him.  (And Hadley is a year older than Silas, all born in October.)  Silas was giving him some sound advice about life I am sure.

Next is a video of Noah I took today of him eating apples.  It was his first time to really have fruit and his reaction is priceless.  Enjoy.

I can’t give you all these cute pictures of Noah without a few of Hadley.

Well here is the front, we were trying to get dressed for the day but she thought she needed to try on her swimsuit.

And I love this next picture.  A great spring/toddler picture.  She is beautiful.

Those are my kids.  They are both fantastic and wonderful.  Hadley is now 2.5 (and no, she is not potty trained and has no interest and I am 100% ok with that).  Noah is 6 months and wanting to move so bad.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for us over the next 6 months!


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