Cupcakes Continued.

I realized the other day that I don’t have NEAR as many baking posts as I thought I did.  For awhile I felt like (for some odd reason) that I was only posting recipes.  I went back and looked at my posts the other day and noticed there weren’t many baking posts and there were some even cooking posts!  Say whaaaat??  I mean I do love to cook almost as much as I love to bake, but this site isn’t about cooking.  Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t ever post a dinner recipe again but it does mean I need to at least post more baking posts.  So this post is about what I have been baking lately, to show that I do love to bake.  Also, I am committing to posting a blog next week with a recipe about some cookies I am planning on making.

This post is about what I have been baking lately.  If you know me at all you know I love to bake, but if you don’t know me that well, then you can see what I have been baking in the last two or three weeks.  CUPCAKES! I have been continuing to cook cupcakes out of the cupcake cookbook I talked about in some older posts (here and here).  Not only have I been on a big cupcake kick I have also been obsessed with honey for awhile so I decided to combine those two loves and have a honey cupcake taste testing/bake-off.  More on that in a bit.  Here are some pictures of the cupcakes I have made recently.  Tangerine Cupcakes.  These were delicious! I don’t even know if I have ever eaten a tangerine before this but I liked them.

Coffee Cake in a muffin form!  Amazing!

White Chocolate Raspberry.  I actually haven’t tried these yet.  I made them today because I was taking dinner to someone who just had a baby in our church and I haven’t had a chance to try them yet.  But don’t they look amazing!  Hadley thinks so 🙂

These next three are part of the honey cupcake tasting.  My goal was to find the ultimate honey cupcake.  So I made three different recipes invited some hungry friends over and I wanted them to tell me their favorite, and in my head their favorite would all be the same.  Well they all liked different cupcakes for different reasons.  Which made me a little sad because one did not dominate but one friend said he “would pay money for any of them,” so I guess that is a good thing 🙂

These are banana honey with a honey cream cheese icing.

These are plain honey with a honey buttercream.  (which look awful!  My buttercream recipe is not consistent with its consistency.  I need to fix that).

This picture does not do this one great justice (not that any of mine do really).  These are chai honey cupcakes with a honey whipped cream.  These were my favorite, only next time I will do a different recipe with marscapone cheese.  These were so good and the chai flavor made these cupcakes amazing.

Now I have had a lot of fun baking all of these cupcakes and my friends and family have enjoyed eating them but Nathan requested some cookies (next weeks post) and I found another recipe that I want to try so I will be taking a break from cupcakes next week.  I will share any of these recipes if anyone really wants one, I just didn’t want to type them ALL out.  That would be a lot!  And then this would be the longest blog post ever.  Alright, well enjoy looking at these yummies and thanks for reading!


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