My son is five months old. Five months of awesomeness. He constantly rocks my world. He is great and cute and has chubby cheeks and is just fantastic. A lot has been going on in his life in the past month. He is a picture of him from the other day. This isn’t a picture of him smiling or laughing but I love this picture anyways. It is a rare find. Noah is either smiling, laughing, (crying) or has something in his mouth. The latter is the most popular. He likes to chew on his blanket, his hands (very popular items), or toy. Anything works. This picture he is doing nothing, just hanging out, and I love it.


Well this past month Noah got two teeth (when he was still four months), has learned to roll over, and has his first experience with rice cereal. Here is some documentation recording some of the big events.

Noah FINALLY learned to roll over. He is a pro now. Mainly it is just from his front to his back but today he did roll from his back to his belly.

Here he is eating cereal. I was going to wait until I got home from Texas but he started being super fussy for no reason. The doctor said he would let me know when he wanted food and boy did he! But he loved the stuff and did a great job eating it.

Here is just a fun video of him today laughing with his Uncle Justin. They were just playing.

Isn’t he cute? And isn’t he growing up so fast! I just can’t believe it.


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