This past weekend the kids and I flew to Houston to visit my best friend Megan and some family.  Now you may be thinking that I am crazy to fly with my two kids by myself, well I would agree.  CRAZY but worth it.  We had a great weekend.  We got to hang out with my best friend and we got to know the Riley family much better.  Check out Luann’s blog here, she also wrote a blog post about this past weekend).  Well let me start out by telling you about our flight.  It was a NIGHTMARE.  I think everyone on the flight wanted to kill me.  Here are the kids at the beginning of the flight.











I wish I had a picture of what we looked like after. TEARS, red faces, Hadley’s hair was all over the place.  I just wanted off the plane though, I did not want to take a picture.  The flight was bad because it was during nap time and we had a lot of turbulence, which means Hadley had to stay in her seat belt the whole time.  That was very hard for her.  Later we found out that Noah had an ear infection so that was his problem.  I think almost everyone on the flight hated us, I know the flight attendant did and I am pretty sure the lady next to us did.  Also, just to throw something else in the mix, Hadley went poo on the plane (in her diaper) and I couldn’t change her because of Noah.  So screams, tears, and smelliness.

Anyways, Megan picked us up at the airport in the rain and we drove out to the Riley’s house.  We were soo glad to get there but I was nervous because Hadley never took a nap.  This was the first day that Hadley has gone all day without a nap.  I was VERY scared to see how she would play with her cousins.  Luckily she did great.  Luann and Justin were soo accepting of us and Megan.  I invited myself and the kids and Megan into their home and they welcomed us so warmly.  They prepared an amazing dinner Friday night.  The kids all played so hard.  Hadley loved playing with her cousins and all their toys. We were a little nervous about the sleeping arrangements. Justin and Luann had bought some travel toddler beds for an upcoming trip they are going on and so that was perfect for Hadley. Justin and Luann decided that Hadley would do best by sleeping in the same room as Beckett. Their first slumber party! Both mamas were nervous when we put them to bed but they both fell asleep so quickly. Here is a picture of them.

Saturday morning I woke up exhausted because Noah had a pretty rough night.  After the flight the day before, the fever, and Noah’s history I figured he had an ear infection.  Luann called her pediatrician’s office and made an appointment for Noah.  We had to get him checked out and well before our flight on Monday.  We went to the doctor and he did have an ear infection.  That made me so sad.  Mainly because I went to the doctor last week to get his ears checked before the flight and their was no real infection then.  Just a few days and an airplane ride will change that!  Also, Saturday was Noah’s five month celebration day.  Here is my sick boy.  Here he wasn’t too sad.  Isn’t he cute?  I mean, SUPER cute?  I just love him.  Well anyways, so Luann, Noah and I take Noah to the doctor and Justin kept all the toddlers.  They blew some bubbles and had a dance party.

This also happened while we were gone.

They didn’t even notice their mommies were gone.  Well after taking care of Noah all morning that afternoon we got to take the kids to the Children’s Museum in the Woodlands.  It rained ALL weekend long so this was a great opportunity to get some energy out and do something fun.

After the Children’s Museum we were HUNGRY. We walked around the parking lot to a pizza place called Crust. It was delicious. The kids had their own table which was adorable.

The kids were SO cute.  You must read Luann’s blog post about it because she did a great job describing it.   Then after pizza Megan and I HAD to have TCBY so we made a quick stop there then back to the Riley’s house to put all the kids to bed.  Saturday was a fun-filled day.

I will continue the rest of our weekend on another blog post, hopefully tomorrow.  This one is getting long! But as you can tell, so far we have had a great trip.


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