Houston Continued…

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about my trip to Houston this past weekend.  This is the second part of the trip.  I know it was only a weekend, but it was a long, fun-filled weekend.  You can read the first part here or check out Luann’s blog here describing the weekend too.

Sunday we slept in (time change) and went to church with the Riley’s.  Megan slept in (at her apartment) because she had a bachelorette party the night before.  It was pouring Sunday morning but we managed to fit three adults, three toddlers and a baby all in Luann’s car and then make it in to church without getting drenched.  Luann and Justin have this teamwork/planning this DOWN.  The toddlers even got donuts.  Hadley wanted pink!  Noah went to the nursery at their church and did great.  Hadley never would have been able to do that when she was his age.  She was just a little more high maintenance.  Hadley had a great time in class with Eli and Beckett.  Their teacher said Hadley answered all the questions.  She told me though she said “mama” in a sad voice.  She also said some other things that were super cute that Luann captured on her blog.

Sunday afternoon Megan headed over to the Riley’s house with a box full of Crave cupcakes! They were delicious.  We got the kids strawberry and I got an orange cranberry cupcake.  Again, delicious.  Hadley just ate some of the icing off of hers so I got to eat the rest of her strawberry one. 

That afternoon Luann planned a craft since we still couldn’t go outside due to the rain.  It was fun and she found it on Pinterest but I don’t have the link.  Here is the finished project back at our house in Arkansas.

Cute right?  And the kids liked it because they could kind of make a mess and they liked all the colors.  The rest of Sunday we just hung out and relaxed.  The toddlers played a lot while the adults watched and played.  Noah did a lot of watching and chewing on Sophie the Giraffe or other toys.

Monday we basically just got up and got ready to fly back to Arkansas.  We had to pack and get to the airport.  Megan showed up early to help me with the kids.  Y’all, let me stop and tell you how great Megan is.  She helped bathe the kids, she helped brush their teeth, she held fussy Noah, she changed diapers, she did EVERYTHING.  And she enjoyed it! (Well not sure she enjoyed bath or diaper changes).  She did great.  Luann kept praising her too.  I mean though, for someone who doesn’t have kids and doesn’t have many friends with kids, she did fantastic!  That is just one reason she is my best friend! 🙂  Here is a picture of Noah waiting for us to load everything up, isn’t he cute? All the adults were busy doing something and so he was just sitting here, I laughed. 

Anyways so Megan drove us to the airport and the Houston airport is much bigger than the Fayetteville airport.  I didn’t really think about that much in my planning.  I didn’t have Hadley in a stroller so it was kind of scary if she wasn’t holding my hand.  She is really good at staying close to me but sometimes close isn’t close enough with the hustle and bustle of the Houston airport.  Luckily we made it through.  She asked “What are we doing?” A LOT as we stood in many lines.  Well, I was very,  VERY nervous about this flight since the one on Friday went so bad.  I honestly considered renting a car and driving back to Arkansas.  That would have been at least a 12 hour drive with a breastfeeding baby.  AT LEAST.  But since I already bought the plane ticket I decided to fly.  I asked for MANY prayers for this flight and y’all those prayers were answered! It was truly amazing.  I felt God’s presence when I walked on the plane.  The flight attendant was very nice and interactive with my kids.  Two other people on the flight offered help while getting situated also.  So it started off great.  I also had a “better” plan for this flight.  Bribery.  Bribery with candy and not just any candy but GUM.  Hadley does not get candy very often and she has NEVER had gum but she had said something about her ears hurting so I thought maybe I could get her to chew this.  She also knows some of our friends chew gum.  So Skittles bribed her throughout the flight but the gum kept it together because that was her reward at the end.  When she earned her gum she immediately put it in her mouth, chewed it up, and swallowed it.  I tried to explain to her how she shouldn’t do that but oh well.  7 years.  In her belly.  Now I did not feel like the best parent doing this but we made it through the flight without tears or any fits from her.

Noah did great as well, going up he ate, so that helped his ears and on the way down he slept, couldn’t have asked for more.  My lovely kids are just fantastic!  We were so excited to come home and see our Daddy and our dogs.  Hadley definitely missed her daddy though.  She told Luann she had to go home to see her daddy but invited them to come visit us.  I do hope the Riley’s come visit, it would be so fun.  Well, that was our fun-filled, crazy weekend.  So thankful for the opportunity to go visit friends and family in Houston!


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